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Aviation & Space
Air Combat USA
   Where:  Fullerton, California
   Price:  $700 - $2,975
   Height:  6,500 feet
   Who Drives:  You
   Updated:  10-10
Air Combat USA provides a completely different extreme aerial experience and feeds your need for speed. Here ordinary people can play Top Gun like real fighter pilots -- and you don't even need a pilot's license. The state-of-the-art planes are million dollar Italian Marchetti light aircrafts and once in the air, gravity pressure can hit your body at forces equal to 6 times your body weight -- enough pressure to make you immediately black out. Again, you're taught to tighten your stomach muscles to prevent this from happening -- but rest assured, if you do black out, the instructor will take control of the plane.
The flight instructors who ride shotgun with you simulate some serious air combat including stomach-dropping nosedives if your plane gets "hit." Bring a friend, and you can take to the skies together -- like Maverick versus Iceman. They will even teach you how to abandon plane and parachute to safety.

Air Ship Adventure
   Where:  Historic Moffett Field, near San Francisco, Long Beach and Oakland CA.
   Price:  Individual flights: Start at $495
Learn to pilot an airship (open to licensed pilots only): $2950
One hour private charter flight for up to 12 passengers: $5940
Two hour private charter for up to 12 passengers: $11,880
   Fasted Speed:  35 mph.
   Who Drives:  You can if you pay extra
   Updated:  10-10

American Flyers
Morristown Airport
50 Airport Road Suite 120
Morristown, NJ 07960
   Who Drives:  You
   Restrictions:  I think you have to be at least 10yrs. old to drive.
   Comments:  This has to be one of the best kept secrets.  You can rent a four seat plane (one seat for the pilot three for you and your guests, depending on total weight & amount of gas in the plane) for around $149 per hour to anywhere you desire.  Since this is a flying school, you get to do a little of the flying. 
     If your plane is GPS equipped, you can take pictures of your house, just supply the GPS coordinates to the pilot.  Most mapping programs give the coordinates. 
    Don't eat before you go, and try to go on a fairly calm day it's easier on the stomach.
Great for a surprise birthday present.
    Our instructor Steve was the absolute greatest, he went way beyond the call of duty.
Thank you Steve for making Megan a very happy person. -- Last visited on 10-09
www.americanflyers.net  -- Don't forget the camera.

Bi Plane Adventure
   Where:  Camarillo Airport, Ventura, California
   Price:  $425
   Height:  4,000 feet
   Who Drives:  You
   Length of Adventure:  ???
   Restrictions:  Passenger must be over 18 and be in good physical condition, not pregnant and  not weigh over 225 lbs.
   Comments:  The plane cost 1 million dollars.  In-flight video $65.00.  This plane will overwhelm your senses as it pulls skyward pushing you into your seat at 6 G's.
     Air Sick bags will be provided Just In Case failure to properly utilize the sick bag will result in a $500 damage fee and passenger must clean the plane or incur an additional $500 cleaning fee.
   Updated:  10-10
When the 9-to-5 has got you down, engage in some big thrill, adrenaline-pumping exploits. If you've got a bit of cash and a lot of nerve, put your money where your mouth is on these extreme adrenaline rushes. Biplane Thrill Rides Ventura, California When it comes to adrenaline rushes, rolling, spinning, diving and hammerheading at 4,000 feet off the ground is hard to beat.
You can take flight in an air-show biplane piloted by professional adrenaline-junkie pilots. On this rollercoaster without tracks, you have to squeeze your stomach during the daredevil aerial maneuvers; if you don't, blood flow will stop, causing you to pass out -- missing one hell of a show.

Cape Town Jets
   Comments:  Closed in August 2010
   Updated:  10-10

Edge of Space: Adventures at High Altitude
   Where:  Russia & Cape town South Africa
   Fasted Speed:  More than 1 1/2 times the speed of sound.
   Height:  60,000 - 68,000 ft.
   Length of Adventure:  3 days
   Who Drives:  You do a little
   Comments:  Medical exam required in Russia, but not in Africa.
   Updated:  10-10

Fly the L-39 'Albatros'
Ft. Lauderdale & St. Petersburg Florida - $2,500
LA, San Diego & Las Vegas - $600 - $4,950.  Optional movie with you in it.
Frankfurt Germany -
Vyazma Russia (Near Moscow) - $4,950
Prague, Czech Republic ?
Bordeaux & Paris France - $5,250
   Price:  $2950 to $5950
   Who Drives:  You get a chance to take the controls and experience what it's like to be at the command of a legendary jet trainer
   Comments:  The L-39 jet trainer is incredibly popular around the world. We currently offer L-39 flight programs in nine locations in five different countries and Fouga Magister flights in France. Each program is slightly different, but each gives you the chance to take the controls and experience what it's like to be at the command of a legendary jet trainer.
   Updated:  10-10

The Hydrolab - Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center Outside Moscow, Russia
   Where:  Russia
   Price:  Hydrolab Package $10,590 -- Training Only $9,000
   Length of Adventure:  4 days, 3 nights
   Restrictions:  Participants must not be taller than 6’2” and shoulders, waist and pelvis measurements must not exceed 48 inches. Diver certification is preferred but not mandatory. Participants must supply a certificate of good health.
   Comments:  Includes Hydrolab Training, personalized video, 4 days, 3 nights at the four-star Savoy Hotel in Moscow, security clearance, guided tour of Moscow, VIP airport assistance and standard Russian travel visa.
   Updated:  10-10
Incredible Adventures offers the rare opportunity to train in the same underwater training center used by cosmonauts to prepare for space walks. The free space simulator is open to all divers who meet the height and weight requirements established by the Russian Space Agency. The hydrolab features a water depth of 12 meters and measures 23 meters in diameter. In the hydrolab, crews acquire and master the skills necessary to accomplish operations on the external surface of an orbital space station. The tank is also used to perform ergonomically tests on space suits and equipment. Participants in the Incredible Adventures Hydrolab Adventure will wear an Orlan space suit fitted with health sensors while they complete a simulated space mission in the aquarium.

Lynx Mark I - The Revolutionary Suborbital Space Vehicle
   Where: Phoenix, Arizona  
   Price:  $95,000
   Availability:  2011
   Fasted Speed:  Powered ascent max air speed Mach 2.
   Height:  200,000 feet
   Length of Adventure:  30 minutes
   Comments:  As soon as 2011, public flights will commence, combined with 3-day pre-flight training programs at the Mojave Air and Space Port.
   Updated:  10-10

Migs Over Moscow - Fly the legendary MiG-29 or MiG-31 Foxhound.
   Where:  Your adventure begins and ends in Moscow, but the jet flying itself takes place several hours away in the historic Russian town of Nizhny is Russia's third largest city. It's also the only place in the world where you can arrange a flight in a MiG-29 or MiG-31.
   Price:  ???
   Availability:  Flights are offered all year long, but weather can be a problem in the winter months. Flights must be scheduled at least 45 days in advance to allow time to receive the necessary security clearance.
   Fasted Speed:  The jet is known for its top gun maneuvers and will take you traveling at more than 1 1/2 times the speed of sound.
   Height:  Edge of space.
   Length of Adventure:  5 days
   Who Drives:  ???
   Updated:  10-10
Fly the legendary MiG-29 or Russia's newest and most advanced high-altitude interceptor, the incredible MiG-31 Foxhound. Better yet, fly both! Incredible Adventures is officially authorized to arrange MiG flights in Russia. Click to view Certification from Sokol. Through a special arrangement with the people who actually manufacture the MiGs (and have been for more than 70 years) Incredible Adventures makes it possible for you to break the sound barrier and more in a real military jet fighter.

Skydiving in front of Mount Everest
   Height:  29,035 ft.
   Updated:  10-10

Space Camp
  Where:  Huntsville, Alabama
  Price:  $449 to $999
  Fasted Speed: It will launch you 140 feet in 2.5 seconds
  Length of Adventure:  
  Comments:  Accommodations and meals are included
  Updated:  10-10
At this astronaut-adventure camp in Huntsville, Ala., you can attend briefings on aeronautics and aviation, train in jet-fighter simulators, and participate in simulated space shuttle missions. See what a rocket launch feels like when you blast off in the "Space Shot" simulator--a sort of amusement park ride on steroids. It will launch you 140 feet in 2.5 seconds, and you'll feel four times the force of Earth's gravity (and experience a few seconds of weightlessness).The cost of the programs ranges from $449 to $999 (accommodations and meals are included).

Space Training Florida
   Where:  St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport in Florida.
   Price:  Complete Space Training-$8000 Includes L-39 Flight, Zero-G Flight, Hypoxia Training, Flight Simulator and Multi-Axis Disorientation Machine.
Sold Separately -- L-39 Flight $3000+  -- Zero-G Flight $2500 -- L-39 Simulator & MAD $1500
   Updated:  10-10
The L-39 Jet Trainer:
 Generations of Russian cosmonauts have prepared for space in this incredible L-39 Albatross military jet! Jet fighters are used to help prepare space travelers for the high-g forces of a space launch. (NASA uses another jet trainer, the supersonic T-38, to train American astronauts for space.) The aircraft is fully equipped with active ejection seats for your safety.

Starfighter Adventure Train for Suborbital Flight - Fly the F-104 Starfighter
   Where:  NASA  John F Kennedy Space Center, near Orlando, Florida.
   Price:  Pricing starts at $30,000 US for a single flight training program. Add a second flight for $23,000 more.
   Length of Adventure:  2 days
   Who Drives:  Pilot does
   Comments:  Mandatory security clearance required.  A typical training flight will expose you to a force of 5Gs or greater, a pull toward earth equal to five or more times your bodyweight. The Starfighter's aerobatic ability is showcased when the jet performs a series of parabolic arcs designed to simulate the zero-g of space.
   Updated:  10-10

Ultralight Flights
   Where:  Airport Manatee, located one exit south of the Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The airport is just a short drive from Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, St Petersburg and Tampa. 
   Price:  A one hour program is $225 and a two hour flight program is $425. Add video to either package for $75.
   Availability:  The best months to fly are April through July, when winds are most favorable. Flights are generally scheduled early in the morning or shortly before sunset.
   Fasted Speed:  Cruise speed 60 mph
   Height:  Max of 10,000 ft.
   Length of Adventure:   Choose a one or two hour orientation flight.
   Who Drives:  The pilot
   Restrictions:  If you are extremely tall or weigh more than 200 pounds, please let us know when scheduling so we can make sure our ultralight can accommodate you.
   Comments:  Ultralights and ultralight pilots are not regulated by the FAA and no insurance covers these flights. You will be required to sign a release of liability.
   Updated:  10-10
Learn to Fly the Trike! Ever wonder what it's like to fly an ultralight?  Here's your chance to experience the feel of soaring through the air like a Florida pelican.  Our ultralight flight instructor will take you on a scenic introductory flight along Florida's Gulf Coast. Find out what's involved in becoming an ultralight sport pilot as well as the mechanics and aerodynamics of the flying trike.  It won't take you long to understand why trike flying is one of the most popular air sports in Europe.

Zero G
  Where:  Las Vegas, Nevada, Cape Canaveral, FL Honolulu, HI, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL
  Price:  $4,950- $6,800 Plus 5% tax
  Length of Adventure:   90-minute ride on G-Force One
  Who Drives:  They do
  Comments: Float like an Astronaut and fly like a superhero in weightlessness. Aboard a modified 727 jet. 
  Updated:  10-10
Zero G in Las Vegas offers an out-of-this-world extreme adventure: total weightlessness. Founded in 1993 by a former astronaut, it took over 10 years to get the FAA approval needed to open Zero G for business. Now wannabe astronauts can climb aboard the modified 727 and take a 90-minute ride on G-Force One. The parabolic flight has been endorsed by none other than former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, so if you've got the cash, this is one flight you won't want to miss.

Zero-Gravity Russia
   Where:  Russia
   Price:  $6,500 +
   Length of Adventure:  5 days
   Updated:  10-10
Russia uses a specially-modified Illyushin-76 cargo plane for its weightless flights. The IL-76 MDK is known for its huge interior. Since we take only 15 participants per flight and its a very big plane, you will have lots of room to float, fly and maneuver without gravity. We have to warn you though. Its not a pretty plane and it was not designed for passenger comfort. This is the real plane used by real cosmonauts preparing for real space flights.

Zero-Gravity USA
   Where:  Tampa Bay, Florida
   Price:  $2,500 - $4,500
   Updated:  10-10
Experience the sensation of floating in space! Add Zero-Gravity Training in the Rockwell Commander 700 to your Space Flight Training Adventure, or better yet, complete an intense two-day training program that includes academic, physical and flight training.

Incredible Adventures -- More under video section
  Where:  Orlando, Fla., Chicago and Moscow
  Price:  $665 to $23,000 and up, and locations vary.
  Length of Adventure:  
  Comments:  Some adventures include meals and accommodations.
  Updated:  10-10
Incredible Adventures offers aviation-fantasy experiences in the U.S. and around the world (and most don't require flying experience or a pilot's license). The company offers to send you flying with fighter pilots. You can even engage in aerial dogfights (this is available at specific locations, including Orlando, Fla., and Chicago), take the controls of a historic warbird from WWII, and perform loops and rolls in Orlando, Fla. And if you've ever wanted to fly a supersonic MiG-29 fighter jet in Moscow, this is your chance.

Architecture Fantasy Camp
   Where:   Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Ill.
   Price:  $900
   Length of Adventure:  4 days
   Comments:  Meals not included
   Updated:  10-10
Yes, there actually is an architecture fantasy camp, at a site once inhabited by the preeminent icon of the field. At the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Ill., you can take a four-day workshop (comprised of a two-and-a-half hour session each day) on basic drafting techniques. You can create floor plans suitable for framing. The classes, taught by architects, take place in Wrights studio, where he developed his signature Prairie Style architecture. Call for pricing; accommodations, meals not included. 708-848-1976 ext. 227

New York Yankees Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Tampa, Fla
   Price:  Men's Fantasy Camp: $4,950.00 -- Women's Mini-Fantasy Camp: $1,950.00
   Length of Adventure:  6 days
   Comments:   (includes accommodations and most meals).
   Updated:  10-10
Several of these weeklong camps are offered each year in Tampa, Fla. Play eight games, including doubleheaders, and in a dream game against the pros. Receive professional training, too: Former Yankees players who have attended include Neil Allen, Johnny Blanchard, Ken Griffey Sr., and many others.

Red Sox Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Ft. Myers, Fla.
   Price:  $4,195
   Comments:  Includes accommodations
   Updated:  10-10
Join in a game with Red Sox Alumni like Bill Lee and Jim Corsi during this eight-day camp at the team's spring-training facility in Ft. Myers, Fla.
For the female fans, women are welcome at both camps.  

San Francisco Giants Fantasy Camp

Ripken Baseball Fantasy Camp

Baltimore Orioles Fantasy Camp

NY Mets Fantasy Camp

Cleveland Indians

Michael Jordan Senior Flight School
   Where:  We have two camps 1) Michael Jordan Flight School held in Santa Barbara, California is for ages 8 - 18 (still in high school) and 2) Michael Jordan Senior Flight School held in Las Vegas, Nevada is for ages 35 and older.
   Price:  $1,250 - $1,530
   Length of Adventure:  5 days
   Comments:  Michael Jordan will be in attendance on four of the five camp days (each session) conducting personal lectures, interacting with the campers, refereeing random games, taking team photos, and signing one personal autograph per camper.
   Updated:  10-10
Play basketball (and attend Q-and-As and a cocktail reception) with M.J. at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Basketball Hall-of-Fame coaches share their knowledge during drills and contests that test such skills as free-throw shooting. This three-and-a-half-day camp costs $17,500 (accommodations and some meals are included).

Bill Russell and his Legendary Friends Basketball Camp

Rick Barry Basketball Fantasy Camp

The College Basketball Experience Flashback Basketball

2-13  Ron & Eva Stobs Great Loop Cruise
   Where:  Eastern USA
   Price: ?
   Who Drives:  You
   Distance:  6,300 miles & pass through 145 locks.
   Length of Adventure:  1 Year
   Updated:  2-13
he Great Loop is the circumnavigation of Eastern North America, a continuous waterway connecting inland lakes and rivers with the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and the Great Lakes. Its an inland odyssey, an eastern inside passage of unusual intrigue touching the shorelines of the United States and Canada.

Jet Boat tour
   Where:  Snake River, Idaho
   Price:  Adults - $195 -$245 per person.
   Fasted Speed:  Up to 70 mph
   Length of Adventure:  11 hour tour which covers 208 miles round trip.
   Who Drives:  Captain
   Comments:  There are half day rides too.
   Updated:  10-10
Jet Boat Tour Snake River, Idaho Courtesy of Snake River Adventures, one of the most extreme ways to ride Snake River's 100+ rapids is on an intense trip lasting 11 hours and covering 208 miles. The first half of the tour is a relatively calm experience, but it's no-holds-barred after lunch when passengers board the Boogie Boat, created for maximum white-water thrills. The Boogie Boat is equipped with 3 engines that pack a combined 1,000 horsepower thrust, propelling the boat at speeds up to 70 mph.

Car Driving & Racing
New Jersey
FROM: $468

2 cars - 3 laps each for 1 driver.
FROM: $936

FROM: $440

8-12  Build Your Own LS7 or LS9 Crate Engine  
   Where:  Wixom, Michigan
   Price:  Starting at $4,500.  Not including the price of the engine.
   Length of Adventure:  3 lap ride - 40 lap drive.
   Who builds the engine:  You
   Updated:  10-12
Exclusive program lets customers help assemble your Corvette or crate engine at GMs Performance Build Center.
It also provides customers the experience of visiting GMs unique Performance Build Center in Wixom, Mich., where they will join a specially trained engine builder to assist in the start-to-finish assembly of the engine they purchased from installing the crankshaft in the cylinder block to topping off the engine with its intake system. In the case of the LS9, it also means installing the supercharger assembly. Upon completion, a personalized nameplate is added to the engine, making it a true one-of-a-kind. The program is similar to the Corvette Engine Build Experience that allows Corvette Z06 and ZR1 customers to participate in the assembly of the engine destined for their car. In fact, all of the parts and procedures used to build the Chevrolet Performance crate-engine versions of the LS7 (part number 19244098) and LS9 (part number 19260165) are identical. 

Dale Jarrett Racing Adventures
   Where:  Various states
   Price:  Ride alongs starting at $145 - Drive a longs starting at $435
   Fasted Speed:  Over 160 mph +
   Length of Adventure:  3 lap ride - 40 lap drive.
   Who Drives:  You
   Updated:  10-10
Ninety mph down a mountain of ice is one thing, but how about circling a Nascar racetrack at over 180 mph? At Dale Jarrett Racing Adventures, amateur drivers circle the fastest and largest racetrack in America at professional speeds. Gear up in the same fire-resistant jumpsuits worn by the pros in addition to a helmet and ultra-secure 5-point harness. Since opening in 1998, about 25,000 amateur riders have slipped behind the wheel and around the track, living out their Nascar fantasies for the thrill of a lifetime.

Drive A Dragster
   Fasted Speed:  
   Length of Adventure:  Introductory two-run program or intense one-on-one training.
   Who Drives:  You
   Updated:  10-10
Thanks to a new partnership with the Doug Foley Racing School, Incredible Adventures now offers the chance to drive a dragster.  They also offer race programs for juniors, open to children 10 years of age or older.  For the ultimate adventure gift for your child or grandchild, consider a dragster adventure.
If the promise of a driving adventure doesn't motivate them to do well in school, we don't know what will!

Driving, Racing & Road Rally Adventures
Lot of adventures under here.

   Fasted Speed:  
   Length of Adventure:  
   Who Drives:    
   Updated:  10-10

Formula Racing in Florida
   Where:  Florida
   Fasted Speed:  
   Length of Adventure:  
   Who Drives:  
   Updated:  10-10
Lee Abrahamson is bringing his Formula Racing to Florida this winter.  Make plans now to drive a Formula car.  Half, full and corporate race adventures will be offered from November through March at the European Road Rally Track near Gainesville.  (This is the same location where IA's rally driving takes place.) Abrahamson is the co-founder of the Canadian Motor Sport Hall of Fame and operates his racing school at the Edenvale Track near Toronto the rest of the year.

Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School
   Where:  including Gainesville, Fla., Houston, Denver, Colo., Norwalk, Ohio, and Richmond, Va.
   Price:  Two-day courses start at $1,795
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  Accommodations and meals not included
   Updated:  10-10
Two-time world-champion drag racer, Frank Hawley's, school offers popular "Super Comp" and "Super Gas" courses covering the basic techniques of drag racing. Classes many taught by Hawley himself--include formal instruction and progressively faster runs in a dragster, and they are held in various locations, including Gainesville, Fla., Houston, Denver, Colo., Norwalk, Ohio, and Richmond, Va. Two-day courses start at $1,795 (accommodations and meals not included).

Mario Andretti Fantasy Day 
   Where:   Various States
   Price:  From $129 to $4,099
   Length of Adventure:  Various
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  Accommodations not included
   Updated:  10-10
At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you can meet Mario Andretti and ride in an Indy-style race car driven by racing legend. Optional add-ons include: taking a class and then driving eight laps around the speedway in the Indy-style car, or driving a race-prepped BMW Z3 for a 15-minute session around a road course.

Richard Petty Driving Experience
   Where:  Various states
   Price:  $159 - $1349.00
   Fasted Speed:  165 MPH
   Length of Adventure:  2 1/4 hours
   Who Drives:  You
   Restrictions:  Must be able to drive a manual (standard) transmission
   Updated:  10-10
Ride-Along Experiences Experience real life racing thrills by riding shotgun in a 2-seat NASCAR-style stock car driven by one of our professional driving instructors 3-lap qualifying run at speeds up to 165 MPH The Ride-Along program is operated at over 20 NASCAR racing locations Driving Experiences Take command of the wheel and experience the thrill first hand by driving a NASCAR-style stock car

Skip Barber Racing Schools and Driving Schools
   Where:  Various
   Price:  $699 - $3,499
   Length of Adventure:  1 - 3 days
   Who Drives:  You
   Updated:  10-10
They offer Formula Car Racing School, Mazdaspeed Racing Schools, High Performance Driving Schools, Mazda Driving Schools, National Race Series, Regional Race Series, MAZDASPEED Challenge, Superbike School

Sports Car Driving Experience
   Where:  Palm Beach International Raceway, Sebring International Raceway and Homestead/Miami Speedway in Florida and at Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia.
   Price:  $1,550 - $2,800
   Fasted Speed:  140 +
   Length of Adventure:  1 or 2 day
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  We have two half hour classroom sessions over the two days;  the balance of your time is spent rotating in and out of the cars every 15-20 minutes. Our goal is having you on the track with your instructor as much as possible over the two day program.
   Updated:  10-10
Students are provided with Corvettes (C5's, C6's, and Z06's) to drive on the 2.25 mile ten-turn road course with plenty of seat time. All our racing schools cars are equipped with in-car camera to further critique and perfect your race car driving skills off the track.

Notre Dame Football Fantasy Camp
   Price:  From $5,340
   Length of Adventure:  5 days
   Comments:  price includes accommodations and meals
   Updated:  10-10
At this five-day camp in South Bend, Ind., you'll get daily coaching from former Fighting Irish players and current staff. Play a 60-minute flag-football game in the stadium with an announcer, scoreboard, and officials, and hear a presentation by head coach, Charlie Weis.

Penn State
   Where:  Penn State Campus, University Park, Pa.
   Price:  $4,490
   Availability:  June 8-12, 2011
   Length of Adventure:  5 days
   Restrictions:  Open to all male adults ages 22 and over. Men may come either as players or as honorary coaches.
   Updated:  10-10
Football practices, based upon the Nittany Lion traditions, directed by coaches and former star players. Football is non-contact, with emphasis on skill development, learning the offensive and defensive schemes used by Penn State, as well as the kicking game.

USC Trojans Flashback Football
   Where:  Play at the legendary LA Coliseum.
   Price:  Player - Price $2000, Coach - Price $3000 , Owner - Price $4000 
   Length of Adventure:  2 days
   Comments:  Accommodations based on which package you select.
   Updated:  10-10
Trojan Flashback Football uniquely blends the past winning traditions of USC Football with the current successes of its football program. You'll have your own Flashback Football Playbook and be on the field learning from the best in the business. No tackling, no helmets, no pads . . . but more laughs, insights, camaraderie, fun, and energy than you've experienced in any three-day period of time. Not in the best of shape?? Lost your vertical?? You will enjoy the challenges, strategy sessions, and interaction with Trojan Greats such as The Great Jaguar Jon Arnett, Brandon Hancock, Mike Battle, John Vella, Rod Martin, Anthony Davis, Bill Cunerty, Sam Cunningham, Rod Sherman, Ray May and John Jackson as either a Flashback Coach or a Flashback Owner.

PGA Tour Experience Platinum
   Where:  Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
   Price:   $1,295-$1,615
   Length of Adventure:  One night's accommodations and one meal
   Updated:  10-10
Experience a day in the life of a PGA-tour professional on the golf course at TPC Sawgrass Resort, where you'll compete with other players on the tour. At the resort, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., you'll have your own caddie and access to the VIP areas of the clubhouse and locker room.

Rosie Jones Golf Getaways 
   Where:  Tucson - Arizona -- April 6-10, 2011
   Price:  $4,500
   Length of Adventure:  Three-to-seven-day golf vacations for women.
  Comments:  On Rosie Jones Golf Getaways You Will Experience: Luxurious resorts Championship golf courses One on one swing coaching Putting and short game instruction Fun and exciting events hosted by Rosie and friends
  Updated:  10-10
One of the most successful players of the Ladies Professional Golf Association, Jones will coach you on your swing and putting during these three-to-seven-day golf vacations for women.

Wayne Gretzky Hockey Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Bellagio Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.
   Price:  $10,999
   Availability:  Fantasy Camp IX will be held from February 8 - 13, 2011
   Length of Adventure:  6 days
   Updated:  10-10
The nearly week-long event features the chance to skate alongside Wayne Gretzky and other hockey greats, in addition to a number of memorable off-ice activities. 

The Luge Challenge Weekend
   Where:  February 27 and 28, 2010 Thunder Ridge Ski Area, Patterson, NY: www.thunderridgeski.com
   Price:  Free
   Availability:  See website for locations
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  For anyone age 10 and up .
   Updated:  10-10
The Luge Challenge transforms a mountain resort into an exciting weekend of luge training and racing and exposes thousands of winter enthusiasts to the Fastest Sport on Ice free of charge. The Luge Challenge has visited ski areas across the country since 1995.

The Olympic Luge
   Where:  Lake Placid, New York
   Price:  $79
   Fasted Speed:  90 mph.
   Who Drives:  a professional driver and brakeman
   Updated:  10-10
Home of the 1980 Olympics and the Miracle on Ice, Lake Placid, New York, is no stranger to thrill-seekers. Now these Olympic facilities are open to the average adrenaline junkie -- and the fastest ride on ice is the luge. You'll reach speeds up to 90 mph careening down this icy track -- and you'll be doing it in the dark. After a half-hour safety lecture you'll be handed a helmet and the track is yours, with the guidance of an instructor. Be advised the public can only use the track only when the U.S. Olympic team isn't practicing. 

USA Luge Fantasy Camp
   Where:  The village of Lake Placid, NY
   Price:  $2,000 (a portion of which is tax deductible)
   Length of Adventure:  The 2 day weekend culminates with a race and a farewell banquet with USA Luge National Team members.  
   Comments:  Athletes will be housed at the United States Olympic Training Center.
   Updated:  10-10
Fantasy Camp sliders will experience the sport firsthand as they negotiate their way down the world's most exciting course at the Verizon Sports Complex. The USA Luge Fantasy camp will give a few lucky participants an opportunity to slide down the same run where Grimmette and Martin achieved their glorious victory. 

The USA-Luge Slider Search
   Where:  2010 Slider Search Schedule, see web site.
   Price:  Free
   Length of Adventure:  Each participant need only register for one 3-hour clinic. Register by phone at 1-800-USA-LUGE, or register online through our secure store site. The Clinics are free.   A cool Slider Search T-Shirt is your gift for attending.
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  Targeting young athletes, ages 11-14
   Updated:  10-10
The USA Luge Slider Search is the official nationwide athlete recruitment tour of USA Luge, targeting young athletes, ages 11-14.

Incredible Firefighter Adventure
   Where:  The Academy is within 5-10 miles of Disney World, Universal Studios, and other major attractions.
   Price:  $995 per person + hotel & transfers
   Length of Adventure:  1 day
   Updated:  10-10
BE A FIREFIGHTER FOR A DAY  Join us for an incredible adventure in Orlando, Florida WHAT YOU WILL DO: Enter a burning building Rappel down a 3 story building Fight live fires Crawl through smoke filled darkness Use the Jaws of Life Drive a fire truck Experience what it is like to be in the heart of a raging fire.

Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course
   Where:  Bolton Landing, NY
   Price:  $40 per person with GLOVES. Groups of 10 or more receive an additional $5.00 off.
   Height:  Suspended between the trees at 10 to 50 feet off the ground.
   Length of Adventure:  30 minutes
   Updated:  10-10
Other parks have tried to imitate but can not duplicate the HEART PUMPING, ADRENALINE RUSHING, largest aerial tree top adventure park in the United States. Welcome to Adirondack Extreme. Have you found your INNER MONKEY?  Join us up in the trees in Beautiful BOLTON LANDING, NY. groups Depart every 30 minutes starting at 8:30 am, Reservations are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Canyon Swing
   Where:  Queenstown, New Zealand
   Price:  $199 for first jump, $39 for extra jumps.  $298 - $535 with combo packages
   Fasted Speed:  90 miles an hour
   Height:  350-foot cliff
   Length of Adventure:  3-second drop
   Updated:  10-10
Perhaps the purest form of adrenaline rush is standing at the edge of a 350-foot cliff and asking yourself if you have the nerve to jump. At Canyon Swing in New Zealand, that's the exact blood-pumping, soul-searching moment you'll experience. You won't actually be asked to jump without a safety measure; the swing is a system of climbing ropes and a body harness allowing you to freefall over 200 feet at speeds reaching over 90 miles an hour. If you don't have the nerve to jump on your own, the sadistic staff will give you a helping push -- when you least expect it. After your 3-second drop, they'll allow you a 2-minute recovery as you swing over the lazy rapids of the river below. However, we guarantee that the rush of adrenaline, endorphins and testosterone will last a good 30 minutes -- and bragging rights last a lifetime.

Dog Sledding

Thunder Mountain Dog Sled Tours
Location: On Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, New York Phone
518- 891-6239

Mike Arnold Dog Sled Rides
Location: 2559 Main Street, Lake Placid, New York

Exotic Car Rentals
   Where:  Yardville, NJ, just off of the New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 7A.
   Available cars: 
       Ferrari 430
       Mercedes S550
       Hummer H2
       Rolls Royce Phantom
   Who Drives:  You, except for the Maybach and Rolls Royce, which are chauffer driven.
   Comments:  You have to be at least 25 years old
   Updated:  11-17


3-14  Ice Hotel
   Where:  Jukkasjrvi, a small village in Northern Sweden, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.
   Price: ? 
   Availability:  Open between December and mid-April
   Comments:  Over 100 weddings take place each year.youll get a good nights sleep in -5 degrees.
   Updated:  03-14
ICEHOTEL is the worlds first and largest hotel built of snow and ice and it is situated in Jukkasjrvi, a small village in Northern Sweden with 1,100 residents and 1,000 dogs. Each winter, some 50,000 visitors from all over the world come to see ICEHOTEL to experience the tranquility, the northern lights and all of the activities offered in Europes last wilderness 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. ICEHOTEL covers 5,500 square meters and is constructed from 1,000 tonnes of Torne River ice and 30,000 tons of snice, a mixture of snow and ice that strengthens the structure. Around 100 people are involved in the construction of ICEHOTEL, half of which are artists especially invited to design particular areas of the hotel. The construction is a year-round process. Between March and April, 5,000 tons of ice is harvested from the Torne River and kept in cold storage during spring and summer. Construction takes place in November and December and the entire ICEHOTEL is then open between December and mid-April, when everything begins to slowly melt and return to the Torne River.

Incredible Firefighter Adventure
   Where:  Orlando FL.
   Price:  $ 995 per person + hotel & transfers
   Length of Adventure:  11 hrs.
   Updated:  10-10
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Enter a burning building Rappel down a 3 story building Fight live fires Crawl through smoke filled darkness Use the Jaws of Life Drive a fire truck Experience what it's like to be in the heart of a raging fire

Indoor Skydiving

       iFLY Paramus NJ  -  www.iflyworld.com/paramus      Updated:  07-22
       SkyVenture Arizona - Adjacent to the largest skydiving center in the world Skydive Arizona  
      iFLY Austin -- The only indoor skydiving facility in Texas.
       SkyVenture Colorado -- Home of the first wind tunnel wedding. Yes, really.
 iFLY Hollywood -- Steps from the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios CityWalk.
  SkyVenture New Hampshire -- New Englands only vertical wind tunnel, located 45 minutes north of Boston
       Paraclete XP SkyVenture -- An all-weather supertunnel located adjacent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  iFLY Orlando -- A cant-miss experience when in Orlando, FL
       Perris SkyVenture -- Located at Perris Valley Skydiving, Californias only resort skydiving center, CA
  iFLY Seattle -- The first and only indoor skydiving facility in the Pacific Northwest.
  iFLY Utah -- 1,200 hp of fun, located in the Salomon Center

                   Outside the USA
       SkyVenture Abu Dhabi -- Located in the Abu Dhabi Health & Fitness Club, Dhabi, UAE
       iFLY Dubai I & II -- Twin side-by-side tunnels located in the Mirdif City Shopping Center, Dubai, UAE
       SkyVenture Genting -- Located in the Malaysian hill resort, Genting Highlands, Malaysia
  Airkix Manchester -- Located across from Trafford Centre, 4 miles from Manchesters city center, UK
  Airkix Milton Keynes -- Connected to Xscape.
         The cutting edge shopping & entertainment center 30 mi north of London
       SkyVenture Montral -- The only recirculating indoor free-fall simulator in Canada
  Freezone I & II -- Located in the city of Chekhov, 20 km south of Moscow
  iFLY Singapore -- The largest wind tunnel in the world, with a view of the South China Sea
   Price:  Starting at $ 59 per person
   Length of Adventure:  SHORT.
   Comments: They have weight restrictions.
   Updated:  05-13
No experience necessary,
all ages can fly from 3 to 103

iFLYs first-time flyer experience will have you grinning from ear to ear the moment you step into the flight chamber and lift off. Its an incredibly safe, realistic and unique experience, fully supervised by certified instructors.

All first-time flyer packages include a comprehensive training session, equipment rental, and one-on-one assistance throughout your flight from one of our instructors.

   Where: Whether you are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure through the streets of Prague or back alleys of Paris, or want to explore the streets of the Washington Capital or your own local neighborhood, Ravenchase can provide custom adventure races for any size group, occasion and level.
   Price: Variable
   Length of Adventure: Variable
   Updated:  10-10
When solved, the first clue will reveal the race start time and location. Ravenchase staff will meet your group at the adventure's start location to provide handmade treasure maps, a set of clues, cool gadgets and helpful hints. Each public or private hunt leads you through historic sites, museums, parks and more as you race against other teams and the clock. On your way, you'll solve riddles and crack codes using gadgets and your own genius. Solve all the clues in the shortest amount of time and you win the race. The final answer in the race will ultimately lead everyone to the chosen end destination. Here, Ravenchase will award fabulously tacky prizes to the top three teams while libations are poured!

Ride Segways
   Where:  Various
   Fasted Speed:  12.5 mph
   Who Drives:  You
   Updated:  7-22
A Segway Personal Transporter is, without a doubt, one of the funniest ways to go sightseeing.
When most people first see one they think, "You've got to be kidding me, I can't balance on that!" And yeah, they do look about as stable as a pogo stick, but Segways are completely self-balancing and really easy to ride.
The philly location offer many types of tours.

07-17  Blue Mountain Resort
forecast for
1660 Blue Mountain Drive
Palmerton, PA 18071
Bike Park:
See the Bike Park Trail Map
Blue Mountain Bike Park All you need are two wheels and a little fearlessness. 
Ride downhill on Pennsylvanias highest vertical located in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. 

With 22 trails, theres always a new challenge whether youre a hardcore mountain biking expert looking to improve your skills, or are just starting out with imaginary downhill training wheels. 

Plus, the high-speed Comet
Quad Lift is spinning to get you back to the top so you can crush the mountain over and over!
They also offer:
Action Archery - Just like paintball without the mess. You shoot foam tipped arrows at each other.
Disc Golf

High Ropes Course

Laser Tag

Mountain Biking - Ride down the ski slopes with 22 trails. -
VIDEO - www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVms2y5MTVw 
Off Road Segway Tours - You must try this.
Scenic Lift Rides
Summer Youth Camp

Tank Driving Adventure
   Where:   Kasota, Minn.
   Price:  $499 - $699 per driver
   Availability:  Limited dates
   Length of Adventure:  3 to 4 hour, hands on military vehicle historical experience.
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  Just drive or drive and smash 1 or 2 cars.
   Updated:  7-22
Instructors will teach you how to operate a tracked, armored fighting vehicle, and then allow you to spend a few hours driving different tank models around. While you can't fire live ammunition, realistic blanks are available. For another $499 you can top off your day by crushing a car. ($699 for two cars!)

Tank Paintball Battles
   Where:  United Kingdom
   Price:  182.50 - 325.00
   Length of Adventure:  2 hours
   Who Drives:  You shoot and drive
   Updated:  10-10
Experience the heart-thumping excitement of driving an armoured tank across a challenging all-terrain course, with paintballs as your weapons! Part of a crew, you will take turns at the wheel of the tank, navigating a purpose built tank obstacle course set on a former WW11 bombing range. Tackle the challenging tank course with your crew in a unique 17 tonne FV432 APC (armoured personnel carrier), with specially modified cannons that can fire 40mm paint rounds its target! Take turns to drive the vehicle around the course set on a former WW11 bombing range, each firing and aiming the breach loaded with a 40mm paintball. After your practice session you will then choose your positions, whether it is a commander, driver or gunner, and engage in a tank battle against your opponent with the hatches closed and your periscope the only guide!

Tanks-Alot --Tank limo for your wedding
   Where: United Kingdom
   Price:  1600 - 4000 plus hire of a low loader to ship her to your area and an excess mileage charge if the mileage starts getting serious. But wow what an entrance
   Restrictions:  May have restrictions as to where it can be driven.
   Comments:  Look at the pictures. -- Wish there was one in the U.S.
   Updated:  10-10
Here at Tank-alot we had a dream which could have become a nightmare. I'm often asked to do crazy things around London in tank's, we usually use our pink Abbott "Shown here" she's a beauty, really makes a splash, paparazzi love it not to mention Japanese tourists, serious happy snappers. But the Abbot doesn't lend its self well for passengers. So at Christmas we pulled out the best armored personnel carrier from 30 we had laying around. A bit of a special not only fitted with a turret for when it was on the Berlin wall, and one of only 13 ever made but she also had some strange mine laying or clearing gismo on its rear which we binned. We decided on Gloss white as you would. Chopped a few windows in the side fitted smoked glass Fridge; twin DVD's reversing cameras completely re trimmed the interior. We found the army had left the massive diesel powered crew heater in one of the 432,s so we threw that in as well.

Tough Mudder
   Where:  Various states
   Price:  ???
   Length of Adventure:  The average Tough Mudder will complete the course in around two and quarter hours.
   Restrictions:  You must be 18 years old
   Updated:  10-10
Tough Mudder is the TOUGHEST one day event on the planet. This is not your average mud run or boring, spirit-crushing road race. It's Ironman meets Burning Man: our 7-12 mile obstacle courses are designed by British Special Forces to test all around toughness, strength, stamina, fitness, camaraderie, and mental grit. Forget about your finish time. This is about camaraderie, teamwork, and helping your fellow Mudders.

Trapeze School
   Where:  Various
   Height:  20-25ft. platform for takeoffs
   Length of Adventure:  A beginning lesson generally lasts for 1 1/2 - 2 hours and starts on the ground with an overview, basic grips, and teaching students to hang from their knees.  Later lessons are up to 6 tries.
   Updated:  10-10

Music & Entertainment
Camp Jam
   Where:  Atlanta
   Price:  $1,800
   Length of Adventure:  2 days
   Comments:   Accommodations are not included).
   Updated:  10-10
At this two-day Atlanta camp, musicians of all levels learn from and perform onstage with rockers like Jeff Carlisi of .38 Special and Ricky Byrd of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Hollywood TV-Star Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Hollywood CA.
   Price:  $12,733
   Length of Adventure:  5 days
   Comments:  5 nights accommodations in a top-rated hotel in the heart of Hollywood ALL meals with guests who are Hollywood insiders.
   Updated:  10-10
At this six-day camp in Los Angeles, you will live the life of a television star, with a role in a crime drama shot on a real soundstage, and return home with a DVD of your performance. You will learn Broadway acting exercises, get feedback from a director, and enjoy your own dressing room, makeup artist, and photo shoot.

Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Camps are held in Los Angeles, New York, London, and other cities.
   Price:  $1,999 for a one-day camp to $12,999 for the six-day London camp
   Availability:  Specific dates
   Length of Adventure:  1 day to 6 days
   Comments:  Meals are included but accommodations are not
   Updated:  10-10
Aspiring rock musicians and singers jam, rehearse, and receive instruction from rock star "counselors" Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Alan White of Yes, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Simon Kirke of Bad Company, and other notables. Campers are assigned to a band and spend 10-12 hours a day practicing. Then they write and record an original song in a studio. On the final night, the bands perform live onstage at a concert venue, such as the House of Blues in Los Angeles or the B.B. King Blues Club in New York City.

Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camps
   Where:  Utah, New York, and Wisconsin
   Price:  From $745-$1,500
   Length of Adventure:  Five-day camps
   Updated:  10-10
These five-day camps are for jazz musicians and singers of all levels. Instructors, who are professional musicians like guitarist Gene Bertoncini (who performed with the Benny Goodman and NBC Tonight Show orchestras), offer master classes and lectures on jazz history. Campers practice playing in small combos and in big bands and then perform concerts in the evenings. From $745-$1,500 (some packages are tuition-only and some include accommodation and/or meals).

Covert Ops
   Where:   Tucson, Arizona airport
   Price:  2 day $1,995 or 3 day $3,795
   Length of Adventure:  2 or 3 days
   Who Drives:  You
   Comments:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the Covert Ops package.
   Updated:  10-10
High speed evasive driving both on and off road, combat pistol shooting, unarmed self-defense, espionage techniques, counter- surveillance, explosives and boobytraps. The mission is critical, the training is absolutely real, and the atmosphere is PURE FUN AND EXCITEMENT!

Russian Ops: Russian Special Forces Training
   Where:  The nearest major airport is in Denver, Colorado.
   Price:  $2,275
   Length of Adventure:  4 days Thursday - Sunday
   Comments:  This program is sponsored by Systema Solutions, Inc., a U.S. non-government organization, providing anti-terror training, education and services to United States military, special operations forces, law enforcement and government agencies.
Three meals a day are provided
   Updated:  10-10

Sea Ops: An Incredible Maritime Adventure
   Where:  Hull, MA
   Price:  $5500 US per boat. Each boat can accommodate up to 5 individuals.
   Availability:  Typically offered June - October, which coincides with whale viewing season.
   Length of Adventure:  8-5 pm
   Who Drives:  You
   Updated:  10-10
Learn to drive the boats used by the  men and women who keep our waters safe. Prepare yourself to encounter big waves,  big whales & hidden dangers along the shore.

Specops: Basic Survival Training with Mykel Hawke
   Where:  See website adventures all over the U.S.
   Price:  $1000 per person, plus hotel & travel costs
   Length of Adventure:  4 days
   Comments:  Prepare to get dirty and hungry. This isn't a vacation. It's an Adventure.
   Updated:  10-10
Join Mykel Hawke, author of Hawkes Green Beret Survival Manualand star of Discovery Channels Man, Woman, Wild for an incredible weekend learning to survive in the wilderness. You'll learn the basics of survival, including how to find and prepare food and water, build a fire and construct a shelter. The course also includes an introduction to wilderness first aid and land navigation.

Spec Ops - Costa Rica - Big Adrenalin Rush
   Where:  Costa Rica
   Price:  $2,975
   Length of Adventure:  7 days
       Day 1 (Sat) - Arrive San Jose, Costa Rica, night-on-the-town
       Day 2 (Sun) - La Fortuna, bungee jumping, volcano, hot springs
       Day 3 (Mon) - La Fortuna, rafting, volcano, hot springs
       Day 4 (Tue) - La Fortuna, waterfall, catamaran, ocean beach
       Day 5 (Wed) - Playa Hermosa, Scuba diving
       Day 6 (Thu) - Playa Hermosa, R & R, farewell fiesta
       Day 7 (Fri) Departure
   Updated:  10-10

Tactical Ops Active Shooter
   Where:  Northern California
   Price:   $2750 per person* (*based on 4 to 8 Warriors)
   Length of Adventure:  2 days
   Updated:  10-10
Are you warrior material? BANK ROBBERY!   SCHOOL SHOOTING!   POLICE OFFICER DOWN! When the call comes in, your team is the first to respond. It's up to you to plan a tactical operation  quickly, safely and effectively. You must neutralize the active shooter  or multiple active shooters  without civilian casualties. Step into the shoes of a highly trained SWAT officer.

Urban Ops: Hostage Rescue Team
   Where:   Travel to and from Pittsburgh International Airport is not included. You will be picked up at PIT for the trip to and from West Virginia.
   Price:   The cost is $3695 per person* and includes expert instruction, use of training and safety equipment, basic uniform, hotel accommodations, ground transfers, most meals and souvenir photos. *Price based on a minimum of six participants.
   Length of Adventure:  3 days
   Comments: Transportation from airport to training headquarters and back to airport Lodging (three nights) Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on training days)
Participation is contingent on a criminal background check performed by local law enforcement.
   Updated:  10-10
Foreign Weapons + Hostage Rescue Weekend Ever think it should be easy to run into a room with a hostile and get the good guy out? Find out just how hard it really is. Our three-day Ops Adventure in West Virginia will give you a new appreciation for the soldiers and police officers who do this for real. First, you will learn to shoot what our troops and enemy are using in the current theater of operations. Then, you will learn CQB, close quarter battle techniques.

World Poker Tour Boot Camp
   Where:  Commerce, Calif., Las Vegas, Biloxi, Miss., Verona, N.Y., Mashantucket, Conn., and Pendleton, Ore.
   Price:  Two-Day Boot Camps are $1,695 and $1,895; A three-day Champions event, for more advanced players, is $2,995.
   Length of Adventure: 1-3 days
   Comments:  Accommodations not included, but most meals are included.
   Updated:  10-10
At this two-day boot camp, poker players of all levels receive instruction from successful pro players and learn to understand "tells" and "reads" so they can improve their games. Campers also play in a multi-table tournament and can win prizes.

   Where:   Lumberton, MS - I.H. Ben Memorial Airport, South of Hattiesburg, MS.
and West Tennessee Skydiving Center just outside Memphis, TN.
   Price:  $150 -$3,495
   Fasted Speed:  ???
   Height:   22,000 to 30,000 ft.
   Length of Adventure:  Jump is 2 plus minutes
   Who Drives:  Single or tandem jumps
   Comments:  The parachute opens as low to the ground as possible (HALO stands for high altitude, low opening), and night jumps are offered during full moons in May, September, and October. 
   Night Jumps:  Full Moon 28,500 ft - 30,000 ft Night H.A.L.O jump. Chem Lights, lighted Altimeters, and strobes are provided to each jumper in addition the the HGU 55 Helmet, twin 22 or 52 bailout assembly, and MBU oxygen mask. Please Note: Tandem Jumps are not currently legal to be performed at night. .
   Updated:  10-10
   Your joining a small group of Extreme Adventurist by jumping from an altitude higher than Mt Everest. You and your H.A.L.O Tandem Master will enjoy a 2 minute plus freefall. Included is a CD of High Res pictures, a jump video, a certificate of completion documenting your jump number, exit altitude, freefall time, temp at exit and jump performance, as well as the current JSSOG halojumper.net T-Shirt. All training and equipment is provided.

Tandem HALO Jumping
   Where:   Lumberton Municipal Airport in Lumberton, Mississippi and at Fayette County Airport in Somerville, Tennessee
   Price:  $3,495
   Availability:  HALO Jumps are possible all year long but the best months for skydiving are May through November.
   Fasted Speed:  ???
   Height:  30,000 feet
   Length of Adventure: Up to two minutes of freefall.
Saturday, Sunday. Please keep in mind that bad jump weather can change everything. It's extremely important that you have Monday as a back-up day.
   Comments:  At 30,000 feet, the temperature is somewhere around 25 to 35 degrees below zero. Without oxygen, you can expect to be usefully conscious about 30 seconds.
You must be in excellent health and weigh less than 225 lbs.
(To jump solo, you must have a Class D license.) 
   Updated:  10-10

Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Los Angeles, CA. - The Home Depot Center
   Price:  $1,500
   Availability:  December
   Length of Adventure:  9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
   Restrictions:  18+
   Updated:  10-10
You'll use the same training fields & locker rooms and enjoy the same meals & recreational facilities as the Galaxy regulars. Your experience will be highlighted by guest appearances from past and present soccer stars who will provide you with question and answer sessions and on field demonstrations.

Tennis Chris Evert Fantasy Camp
   Where:  Boca Raton Resort & Club in Florida
   Price:  $7,200
   Length of Adventure:  3 days
   Comments:   Includes three nights accommodations and some meals.
   Updated:  10-10
You can join Chris Evert on the courts at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Florida at this three-day camp. You'll receive instruction from her and her brother, John. The camp also includes a round-robin doubles tournament with Chris, cocktails and dinner with her, and a 50-minute spa treatment.

Tennis Fantasies with John Newcombe & the Legends 
   Where:  John Newcombe Tennis Ranch -- New Brunfels, Texas
   Price:  From $1,470 for a four-day program and $4,945 for a six-day program.
   Length of Adventure:  six-day program
   Comments:   Includes accommodations and meals.
   Updated:  10-10
Practice with tennis great John Newcombe and other pros at this ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

Underwater Related
Incredible Shark Adventures & More!
   United States -- The Farallon Islands - California
Great white sharks are closer than you think! Choose from a one day adventure departing from San Francisco or another nearby marina in the Bay area. The Gulf of the Farallons Marine Sanctuary is home to some of the world's biggest great white sharks.  Read more

   Bahamas - Grand Bahama Island
A one-day tiger shark adventure departing from West End, Bahamas. The area known for very big tiger sharks is also home to reef sharks, lemonsharks and hammerheads. Read more

   Mexico -- Isla Guadalupe - Trips Depart from California
6 day live-aboard adventure to the newly discovered and pristine Isla Guadalupe site off the coast of Mexico.  Read more

   South Africa - False Bay - Cape Town
Just down the coast from our Cape Town jets, there's another incredible adventure. Shark dives depart from the scenic village of Simon's Town and are led by a professional shark photographer and experienced researcher. Dive for one day or dive for ten.  Read more

   Gansbaai - Cage diving is incredible in the area near Dyer's Island better known as Shark Alley. You don't have to be a diver to see great action. Read more

   Sardine Run - South Africa - A Dive Adventure with Sharks & More
Follow the annual migration of sardines along the Wild Coast of Africa. This rugged dive adventure puts you in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Read more

   Whale Encounter - Dominican Republic
Swim with the whales of Silver Bank! Read more


Sub Adventures
   Where:  Near Lahaina, Maui Hawaii
   Price:  $3,350 - $8,650
   Fasted Speed:  Top speed of six knots
   Height:  Down to 600 feet beneath the waves
   Length of Adventure:  1 - 3 days
   Who Drives:  The Pilot and you
   Updated:  10-10
Learning to fly Super Aviator is Intuitive and fun A Pilot-in-Command is provided for all flights. Since flight controls are duplicated in both cockpits Super Aviator is an ideal trainer for gaining hands-on flight experience. As flight skills and confidence increase with training and underwater experience, more and more control of the craft can be passed from Pilot to Co-Pilot. Mastering underwater flight is a pursuit that makes each dive rewarding, and every dive a voyage of discovery.

Whale Encounter
   Where:  Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
   Price:  Master Stateroom $3245 per person* Deluxe Stateroom $3145 per person* *Note: Price doesn't include airfare, tourist card, departure tax, fuel surcharge, ground transportation, dinner final night or suggested 10% tip to crew.
   Availability:  Trips to Silver Bank are offered annually, from early February through late March. All trips board on Saturday at 5:00PM and disembark the following Saturday at 8:30AM. The 138 ft M/V Sun Dancer II can comfortably accommodate 18 passengers.
   Length of Adventure:  8 days
   Updated:  10-10
Encountering Humpback Whales in their natural environment, on their terms is one of the most incredible animal interactions in the world. An unforgettable experience in an incredible place.  No dive certification is required.

Water Related  

01-18-15  Superflynj
  Where:  Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Island, NJ
  Updated:  01-15
Barnegat Bay - W. Salem Avenue & Holly Avenue
   Flyboarding is the newest phenomenon in Barnegat Bay! Brittany likes to say it's like a wakeboard with a fire hose coming out of the bottom that propels you into the air. The propulsion of water is coming from the jet-ski.  The height of the flyboarder is controlled by the trained jet-ski instructor. Flyboarding is very easy to learn for people of many ages. We will have you up in the air in minutes. .

Extreme Seal Experience
   Where:  Chesapeake, Virginia
   Length of Adventure:  7 - 14 days
   Updated:  10-10
For an adventure that makes riding in a plane or car look like child's play, head to Virginia for the Extreme Seal Experience. At this amped-up boot camp, average Joes will undergo 2 years of hardcore Navy Seals training -- in two grueling weeks. You'll eat, sleep and breathe the life of a real soldier and anyone crazy enough to enlist (and pay for) this experience better be in peak physical condition. During the 100-yard dash, you'll carry a "wounded" buddy on your back and slide into freezing swamp water filled with poisonous snakes.
The pinnacle of the extreme Seal experience is called Hell Night. It's simulated ground combat where you'll need every skill that's been drilled into you for the past 2 weeks.

Incredible Offshore Rockets
   Where:  Miami Beach Marina, FL.
   Price:  $5,950 US per boat includes captain's services, full day boat rental, fuel, dockage fees and lunch.
   Fasted Speed:  Fast
   Length of Adventure:  Full day
   Who Drives:  Each of the boat's five passengers take turns driving while expert Captain and throttleman provide instruction.
   Comments:   Lunch at a tiki bar and refreshments aboard the boat are included in our standard offshore adventure.
   Updated:  10-10

Coney Island Polar Bear Club
Surf Ave & Stillwell Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224
917 533 3568
   Where:  Coney Island, NY
   Price:  Free -- PLEDGE AND PLUNGE: Make a donation to Camp Sunshine and receive a free breakfast and all-day admission to the New York Aquarium.
   Availability:  The Club swims every Sunday from October through the end of April. We like to think that every day is a good beach day, but for optimum experience, there is nothing like a late January dip. Our largest event is the traditional New Year's Day Swim. People who swim with us once a year, or once in their lives, turn out in the hundreds for New Year's Day. It's Coney Island's biggest off-season event. But guests are welcome to join us any Sunday.
   Length of Adventure:  Time varies depending on the weather, particularly the wind. It can be as long as 20 minutes or as short as 4 minutes.
   Comments:  Swim time 1:00 PM sharp
   Updated:  10-10

Wine Boot Camp
   Where:  Sonoma County, Napa Valley  California
   Price:  $650
   Length of Adventure:  1 day
   Comments:   Meals and transportation from the meeting site are included, but not accommodations
   Updated:  10-10
The "Affairs of the Vine" camp aims to make you a wine expert in a day. You'll visit two wineries, work in a vineyard (where you will, for example, harvest grapes or prune vines), attend a food-and-wine pairing workshop, and blend your own wine. Boot camps are held in California's Napa Valley, Paso Robles, and on the Sonoma Coast. $475 for a 12-hour day (meals and transportation from the meeting site are included, but not accommodations).

Zipline Adventures
Zipline Rides
   Updated:  10-10

Bromley Sun Mountain
   Where:  Bromley
   When:  Summer
   Length:  2400 feet long
   Vertical Drop:  700 feet
   Percent Grade:  26%
   Top speed:  50 miles per hour
   Cables:  Four side by side

Heavenly Mountain Resort
   Where:  Heavenly,
   When:  Summer & Winter
   Length:  3300 feet long, the longest zip line in the continental United States.
   Vertical Drop  525 feet
   Percent Grade:  16%
   Top speed:  50 miles per hour
   Cables:  Two side by side

Icey Strait Point
   Where:  Juneau
   When:  ???
   Length:  5,495 feet long
  Length of adventure:  1.5minutes
   Vertical Drop:  1,320 feet
   Percent Grade:  25%
   Top speed:  65 mph
   Cables:  6 side by side
   Comments:  Worlds longest and highest Zipline

4-11  Kittatinny Canoes
   Where:  Juneau Alaska
   When:  Barryville Base & Adventure Center 3854 Route 97,
Barryville, NY 12719
   Length:  3,000 feet long
   Height:  150 feet
   Percent Grade:  25%
   Top speed:  over 50 mph
   Cables:  2 side by side
   Age:  8 and older
   Weight:  60-250 pounds
   Comments:  Closed-toe shoes are recommended
     Overlooking the Delaware River
     Click here to download the Zip Line release form

The Lodges at Banning Mills Retreat and Conservation Center
205 Horseshoe Dam Road
GA 30185
Toll Free: 1-866-447-8688
   Where:  Whitesburg, GA
       The Beginning, Forest tour: Time: about 1 hour.  Cost is $49.00 total per person.
       The Flight Pattern  Zip Line Canopy Tour:  Cost is $69 total per person.  Time: 2 to 2 1/2 hour adventure.
       The Flight Pattern Plus Zip Line Canopy Tour:  Cost is $99 total per person.
       The Extreme Zip Line Canopy Tour:  This is about 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 hour adventure. Cost is $149 total per person.
   Fasted Speed:  60 mph
   Height:  60 to 300ft
   Length of Adventure:  1 5 1/2 hours
   Comments:  You must be able to climb two 65 foot towers and a 100 ft tower, have good balance capabilities and be able to walk on uneven terrain, have full range of motion in both of your upper and lower extremities and be able to control one's speed of travel along the zip lines by resting your gloved hands on the pulley and cable systems if necessary, be able to understand verbal instructions and be able to pull yourself along cables  in case you lose momentum before reaching any said platform.
   Updated:  10-10
4 different Eco Zip-Line Canopy Tours ALL on site, and other very cool things to choose from! If you think you have experienced the Ultimate zip line canopy tour before, think again! No other eco zip line tour even comes close...    but   they   keep   trying..  Get ready to challenge yourself to the Largest continuous Zip line Eco Canopy tour in the world! With more than 5 miles of zip lines, Towers, high tree (Sky Bridge) traverses, tree houses, some very cool challenge elements (more than a hundred and fifty in all at heights of 60 to 300ft), and special high speed zip lines with speeds up to 60 mph! This is one Eco-adventure you don't want to miss! We are located in Northwest Georgia in the historic and beautiful Snake Creek Gorge, Carroll County, Ga. just outside the little town of Whitesburg. 

Park City Mountain Resort
   When:  Summer
   Length:  2,300 feet long.
   VerticalDrop:Drop:  550 feet
   Average Percent Grade:  23%
   Top speed:  50 mph
   Cables:  4 side by side

Shepard Of The Hills
   Where:  Branson
   When:  Summer
   Length:  2370 feet long
   Verticle Drop:  370 feet
   Aaverage Percent Grade:  16%
   Top speed:  50 miles per hour
   Cables:  Four, side by side

   When:  Summer
   Length:  1000 feet long
   Average Percent Grade: 15% 
   Top speed:   30 mph
   Top speed: 50 mph 
   Cables:  2 side by side

Sno Mountain
The zipline will be open from Memorial day to around Labor day. Closed during the winter...
   Where:  Scranton
   When:  Summer & Winter
   Length:  2,860 feet long
   Vertical Drop:  410 feet
   Average Percent Grade:  14.5%
   Top speed:  50 mph
   Cables:  4 side by side

Utah Olympic Park
   Where:  Utah Olympic Park, Park City,
   When:  Summer
   Length:  1,500 feet long
   Vertical Drop:  500 feet
  Percent Grade:  60 mph 
   Top speed:  34%
   Cables:  4 side by side
   Comments:  Not only is this the steepest zip line in North America but it is also the steepest in the world !!!

Wildcat Mountain
New Hampshire
   When:  Summer
   Length:  2100 feet long
   Vertical Drop:  265 feet
   Percent Grade: 12% 
   Top speed:  45 miles per hour
   Cables:   Four side by side



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