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Some of the items listed below may be specific to New Jersey.

  Indicates saving money on your house expenses.

7-21     Services provided at a reasonable price,
 done right, and won't rip you off !!!

Senior Discounts From Stores etc.
Due to the Covid virus, stores are not offering large discounts at this time.

----- A -----
AARP Driving Course
1-24    Anchor Benefit, (Previously Called Homestead Rebate)
Animal Population Control - (Low Cost Pet Spaying/Neutering)
Appliance Rebates & Money for Recycling (NJ)
----- B -----
Bankruptcy - When There Aren't Any Other Options
Bank Accounts And Credit Cards. (Must read)
Billing - Over & Double Billing From Cable Companies & Doctors
  Burglar Alarm Discount On Your Homeowners Policy
  Buying And Selling A Home

----- C -----
Calculate Your Debt-To-income Ratio For Consolidating Your Credit Cards Or Applying For A Mortgage
 Cancer - Stop losing your hair during chemotherapy, & a non-surgical method to destroy a brain tumor
  Capital Improvements Exempt Sales Tax Form (ST-8)
Car Accident With A Deer
 Cars 25 years or older - QQ historic plates and your insurance will be much cheaper
Call Corporations that don't make their phone numbers available
Cell Phone Service (Comcast - Very Cheap)
Up to FIVE phone numbers with a total of 1 GB of shared data for a TOTAL of $18.80 a month including tax.
Charity Care Program
  Comfort Partners Program
Consumer Facts For New Jersey's Older Citizens
  Paying all your bills with Cards Cards & getting 1 1/2, 2, & 5% back
Lower your credit card interest rate every 8 months

----- D -----
  What To Do Before, During, & After A Serious Illness Or  Death
 Department Of Health - Compare Subacutes etc.
Department of Human Services for NJ - (Over 500 services A to Z)
Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Diabetic - Insulin For FREE
Diabetic - Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program
Diabetic - Medicare pays for a foot doctor to cut your toe nails
 Diabetic - Arm sensor measures your glucose without pricking your finger FREE
Domestic Partner Insurance
 Drugs & Prescription Saving Card
 Drugs Side Effects - (Listed by Severity)
----- E -----
Education For Senior Citizens
E-ZPASS Senior Discount

----- F -----
Face Down Chair - If You Need Eye surgery
  Farmland Assessment
Food Stamps (Now called Snap)
Furniture:  Save on delivery charges from Bobs stores

----- G -----
   Getting A Ride To Doctor's Offices etc.
Grandparents - Visitation Rights

----- H -----
 Headache ? - Stop the pain in a couple of minutes without drugs.
Hearing Aid Assistance To The Aged & Disabled (HAAAD)
Highly Amplified Volume, And Readable Caption Phone for FREE.
    Heating Oil Cost Assistance - NJCA Oil Group
 Hot Water Heater Settings

----- I -----
Income Tax Exemption for NJ Veterans
Low Cost Internet If You Qualify

----- J -----
Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC)

----- L -----
Legal Aid
Leukemia & Lyphoma Society
  Lifeline - Utility Bill Assistance
  Light Bulbs
  Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)  
1-24    Struggling to pay your water and sewer bills?  (LIHWAP)

  Lower Your Property Taxes

----- M -----
Meals On Wheels
  8 Options When You Can't Afford Your Mortgage Anymore  
Getting Help Paying Your Medi
care Costs
Medicare Part B Covers:  Click To See List
  1-24  Medicare Part D Extra Help program
Medicare Pays For One Pair Of Eyeglasses After Cataract Surgery
Medications In Easy Premeasured Dispensable Packs
 Medicines With A High Cost.
(Get them FREE !)
  10 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster
Motor Vehicle Registration Discount/Placard
Moving companies charge an extra $80.00 per hour if you move on a weekend.  This is not a link.

----- N -----
New Jersey Shares (SHARES)

----- O -----
NJ family Care (obama care)
Organ Matching Database From LIVE People

----- P -----
PACE organizations provide care and services in the home etc. 
Padd - Pharmaceutical Assistance
 Page (Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric)
Project Lifesaver
  Property Tax Exemption of 100% for Disabled Veterans or Surviving Spouses.
  ($250)  Real Property Tax Deduction for Senior, Disabled, or Surviving Spouses.

----- R -----
Reduced Fare Program
   Reverse Mortgage
Rights of Grandparents - Visitation Rights

----- S -----
Schedule of Social Security Benefit Payments
 Scooters Or Wheelchairs (Motorized) From Medicare for FREE
  Section 8 Housing
  Selling your house (Capital gains (Exit Tax))
  Selling your house (Best & Worst times of the year)
Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program
  Senior Pass for Federally managed & New Jersey recreation sites
Sewer and/or water Discount
Silver Sneakers - (Go to a gym FREE)
Sleeping Better
 Can I collect Social Security survivor benefits when my spouse or ex-spouse dies?
Social Security Disability
 Solar Panels - Scam or not ?
Stair Chair Lift
Statewide Benefits for Older Persons

----- T -----
 TSA_Pre_✓is an expedited security screening program.

----- U -----
Unclaimed Property & Money due you
Universal Service Fund

----- W -----
Walker & Cane Proper Adjustments
    Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
 What To Do Before, During, and After A Serious Illness Or Death
If you didn't find what your looking for, then look at this 85 page file from the State of NJ


Senior And Other Discounts from stores etc.
Click here to go to the list.

----- A -----

AARP Driving Course
 The discount is very small.

1-24  Anchor Benefit, (Previously Called Homestead Rebate)

  Your eligible if you own your own home or rent.  In 2023 they paid out $1,750 for FREE.  

Checks generally come out in October or November. you only have to apply Once.

For the first time applying for the anchor benefit, you must file before December 29 of the current year !!!

ANCHOR Benefit or Homestead Benefit Status Inquiry

Animal Population Control - (Low Cost Pet Spaying/Neutering)

You may be eligible to have your pet spayed or neutered at a discounted price at one of the participating veterinary hospitals.

  Spay or Neuter your adopted dog or cat for $20.00 if you:
  • Are a New Jersey Resident
  • Adopted your pet from an eligible licensed NJ shelter; municipal, county, or regional pound; NJ holding or impoundment facility that contracts with NJ municipalities; or a non-profit NJ animal adoption referral agency
  • Licensed the dog in your municipality (licensing for cats is not required).
 Spay or Neuter your dog or cat for $10.00 if your receive any of the following:
  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • General Public Assistance
  • Rental Assistance
  • Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  • Lifeline Utility Credit
  • Tenants Lifeline Assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance to Aged & Disabled (PAAD)

Appliance Rebates & Money for Recycling
New Jersey's Clean Energy Program

  On left side of the screen next to programs, click on the triangle to see a detailed list of programs offered.

   If you are buying any type of appliance, hot water heater, heating system, air conditioning system, you should check here for rebates ! ! !
   NOTE:  They will pay you for recycling your appliances and pick them up for
FREE ! ! !

----- B -----

Bank Accounts & Credit Cards
While this is a complicated subject and has many permutations, I will talk about problems with linked and joint bank accounts! ! !

While banks can't prevent you from linking your account to other services, most institutions advise you against it. Major banks warn their customers that giving out bank details can result in compromised accounts. The terms of service at such banks state that the customer is responsible for the loss: the bank may not be liable in cases where an account holder willingly shares account information with third parties.

More important are problems having multiple accounts linked to each other in YOUR OWN bank.
While it is a little more convenient to have them linked while your online looking at your accounts information, it allows companies to take money from any one of those accounts that are linked together. This can cause problems like overdraft charges if the account does not have enough money in it, not to mention the many hours of talking to the bank and the company that took the money out of the wrong account to get it straighten out ! ! !

In addition they can send late or non payment information to the 3 major credit agencies thus ruining your credit rating.

   NEVER NEVER NEVER link bank accounts together !!!

Joint Checking & Bank Accounts
In the case of your parents checking and saving accounts, Never put their name and yours on their checking, saving, stocks, and other assets or accounts. (ex. Mom smith & Son Smith).

If you Son Smith, have money problems or someone tries to collect money from you they can take it out of your parents account without any notifications because your name is on the account.

Instead the checking, and saving account should read: Mom Smith - POA & POD Son Smith.

The bank will make you their own power of attorney of the account (no fees or lawyer needed) and that will give you full access to the account, same as having both names on the joint account. 

The difference is, if somebody tries to sue or collect money from Son Smith, they will not be able to touch Mom Smiths account ! ! !

   POD is payable on death, and you don't have to go to probate court. The bank will release the money to you after you show them a death certificate.

   POA from the bank, is power of attorney only for those accounts with the bank.  This has nothing to do with the  power of attorney you get from a lawyer.

   POA - Neither Power Of Attorney from the bank or lawyer means anything after a person dies.

   Pros and Cons of Payable on Death Accounts

               ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS double check spellings, middle initials,  and both POA & POD or any other designations are on the proper checks and any other papers.
               People make lots of errors and some are totally incompetent.  If you do not check everything, you could be in for a great loss of monies.

In NJ  -- This applies to anyone, Senior or not !!!
When all else fails, or before all else fails.
   Have you lost your job, lost your pension or 401k, used you savings to pay for medical expenses, or to pay exorbitant interest rates on credit cards.

   Have you been given the run around when you pleaded for help in lowering your interest rate on credit cards or you mortgage?

   Have you submitted and resubmitted all your income and expenses information, over and over and over and over ???

   Did you know that each and every time you ask for help, the banks request a credit report.
Each and every time anybody request a credit report it gets added in the report as another request.  Even though nothing came about from these requests, It lowers your credit score, and that causes everybody to charge you an higher interest rate for your credit cards, any kind of loan, car insurance rates etc.

Some rules to consider before going to the lawyer:
   First and foremost find yourself a bankruptcy lawyer that does nothing but bankruptcies.  First visit is usually free.
    Don't volunteer ANY INFORMATION !!!
   Can't have more than $5,000 in banking or saving accounts.
   Your car can't be worth more than $5,000 ???
   There is a Overall amount of assets you can have $12,000 ???
   The lawyer will tell you that he is required by law to ask these questions.
   Can't have transferred assets within the last 12 months.  Such as property, stocks, cars, boats, jewelry, or money.  More than likely they will not waste their time checking unless your worth millions.
   He will also ask if you have any collections that are worth money, coins, art, jewelry, guns, figurines, game room stuff, stamps, etc.
   If you have a safety deposit box, the lawyer will ask you what's in it.
   If you have excess assets you may have to sell some of them to satisfy the creditors.
   Any pending lawsuits in your favor, or inheritances may be a problem.
   Call each company you owe money to, and change the phone number your gave them, to one that goes to another phone.  This way when they start calling to harass you, nobody will here the calls and you won't get embarrassed or aggravated !!!

   Cost for an average lawyer fee is $2,000. 
   This will ruin your credit rating.  Chances are this already the case, or will be soon.

   Get everything out of your name in the required time.
   If everything is one spouses name, then only that spouse goes bankrupt.  The other spouse keeps his or hers credit cards, bank accounts, and any business that in his or her name only.
   Anything that is BOTH names will still be owed by the other spouse that is not going bankrupt !!!
   Nobody can touch your social security check.
   Bankruptcy takes about 3 months to be completed.  Then you will be free of debt.
   Foreclosure on your house will take about 20 months.  That's 20 months of FREE living (No payments due) in your house that will let you save the mortgage and tax monies, to decide what or where you will go in 20 months.
Note: (The 20 months time frame is based on the backlog of the court systems as of August 2010.)

   Now your will have gotten rid of all the stress, you and everybody around you will be extremely happier !!!!!!!!!

Billing - Over & Double Billing From Cable Companies & Doctors

Cable companies:

Your have a problem with your cable company provided service, intermittent and or total loss of service from their tv, internet, or cell service.
You call them for service and they either can't duplicate the problem, change some connectors or equipment, or if you are lucky actually fix the problem.

All is well until you receive you bill, and low and behold there is a $70 charge for a home service visit.
Call them to complain and more than likely they will remove that $70 charge from your bill.

Doctor's office billing staff are either incompetent, double billing you on purpose, or are just plain lazy.
They also periodically use the wrong code when submitting their bill to Medicare and or your insurance carriers.

If for example you have Medicare as your primary carrier and blue cross as secondary carrier, Medicare may pay the doctors bill and they haven not received payment from your secondary carrier, they will bill you for the charge that the secondary carrier would have paid but did not as of the billing date..
The result is you pay the bill and then they get paid from the secondary carrier. 
More than likely you will never get reimbursed for the money you paid the medical office, that you were not suppose to pay.

If you feel  you have received a wrong bill, always question them ! ! !


Burglar Alarm Discount On Your Homeowners Policy
Having a working burglar alarm entitles you to a 10% discount on your homeowners premium !!!

Also if your house is within 100 feet of a fire hydrant you will get an additional discount.

Buying And Selling A Home
Check with your state.

Some unexpected fees that will shock you ! ! !

Buying a home:
Title Insurance:
The average title insurance policy carries a one-time premium of about $1,000, which covers all upfront work and ongoing legal and loss coverage. However, premiums vary substantially, ranging from as little as a few hundred dollars to more than $2,000.

Mansion Tax: The New Jersey mansion tax is a 1 percent tax imposed on the transfer of certain types of real estate where the consideration paid is more than $1 million.

Selling a home: 
Realty Transfer Fee: 

The realty transfer fee is a graduated tax of between 1 percent and 1.5 percent of the consideration paid for the real property being purchased.

An Exit Tax:: If you don't buy another house in NJ, and sometimes if you do ! ! !
Despite the confusion caused by calling it an exit tax, the law simply requires the seller to pay state tax in advance, calculated as follows: New Jersey withholds either 8.97% of the profit or 2% of the selling price, whichever is higher.

If you change your drivers license address to a relative or friends house, and say you are staying there for a year, then after the one year waiting period, the state will send your money that it withheld to that address.

NJ Income Tax – Capital Gains:
A capital gain is the profit you realize when you sell or exchange property such as real estate or shares of stock. If you are a New Jersey resident, all of your capital gains, except gains from the sale of exempt obligations, are subject to tax.  Feb 13, 2018

And you wonder why people are fed up and are leaving NJ ! ! !

----- C -----

Calculate Your Debt-To-income Ratio For Consolidating Your Credit Cards Or Applying For A Mortgage
Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) compares how much you owe each month to how much you earn. Specifically, it's the percentage of your gross monthly income (before taxes) that goes towards payments for rent, mortgage, credit cards, or other debt. To calculate your debt-to-income ratio.

The 43 percent debt-to-income ratio is the highest ratio a borrower can have and still get a Qualified Mortgage or consolidate your credit cards to lower your interest rate.

Use the calculator included in the link below, to check your debt-to-income ratio.

Your credit score can affect the banks decision also.

Losing hair from chemotherapy
Do arctic cold caps work?
It is theorized the cooling action may help prevent extensive hair loss in people undergoing chemotherapy. Cold caps and scalp cooling systems work by narrowing the blood vessels beneath the skin of the scalp, thereby reducing the amount of chemotherapy medicine reaching hair follicles.

Cold Caps During Chemo: Pros & Cons

Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Gamma Knife radiosurgery uses high-energy rays to destroy tumors and other diseases. Beams of radiation are aimed at the brain by a machine outside your body. Hundreds of low-dose beams come together at a single point to kill all the cells in the target area while avoiding damage to nearby healthy cells. When a large tumor is being treated, radiation is given in 5 treatments using a mask system.

What is stereotactic radiosurgery?
Radiation damages the DNA inside cells, making them unable to divide and grow. The benefits of radiation are not immediate but occur with time. Aggressive tumors, whose cells divide rapidly, tend to respond quickly to radiation. Over time, the abnormal cells die and the tumor may shrink. Benign tumors, whose cells divide slowly, may take several months to a year to show an effect.
Pinpoint accuracy is critical so that the lethal dose is applied only to the target itself and not to surrounding healthy tissue or critical structures (Fig. 1). To achieve the razor-sharp precision, computer image-guided technology is used to plan and carry out the procedure. The method of targeting an object in three dimensions is called stereotaxis.

Figure 1. Gamma Knife utilizes 192 low-dose beams of radiation that intersect at the tumor to produce a high dose while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy brain.

When a tumor larger than 3 centimeters in diameter is being treated, radiosurgery is given in 5 daily sessions. Delivering a fraction of the total radiation dose allows normal cells time to repair themselves between treatments and may reduce side effects. Your doctors may recommend radiosurgery as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy. If you first undergo removal of a tumor, your doctor may prescribe radiation to stop the growth of microscopic tumor cells that remain after surgery.

Gamma Knife technology allows your physician team to treat brain tumors of any size (up to 6 centimeters) or shape, and in any location, with accuracy to .5 millimeters. Tumors that are close to critical brain structures can be safely targeted.

The goals of Gamma Knife radiosurgery are to:
1. Precisely locate the target (tumor, lesion)
2. Hold the target still
3. Accurately aim the 192 radiation beams at the target
4. Deliver radiation at the specified dose that conforms to the shape of the tumor
Who is a candidate?
You may undergo 5 sessions of radiosurgery if you have a:
Metastatic tumor or tumors that have spread to the brain from the lung, breast, or skin (melanoma)
Benign brain tumor (acoustic neuroma, meningioma, craniopharyngioma, pituitary adenoma, hemangioblastoma, glomus tumor)
Glioblastoma (GBM), an aggressive brain cancer

  Capital Improvements Exempt Sales Tax Form (ST-8)


A registered New Jersey contractor must collect the tax on the amount charged for labor and services under the contract unless the owner gives him a fully completed Certificate of Exempt Capital Improvement.

The following are examples of exempt capital improvements:

Appliances that are built-in:
New construction
Porch enclosure
Construction of New roof
installation of New heating system installation
In-ground swim pool, installation of
Tiled bath, installation of
New central air conditioner installation
New bath fixtures, installation of
New electrical outlets installed
Painting a newly constructed house
New kitchen cabinets, installation of
New siding, installation of
New hot water heater installation
New kitchen fixtures
installation of Garage, construction of
Patio, construction of
Paving of driveway
Storm doors and windows, original or initial installation of

Car Accident With A deer
If you ever have an accident with a deer In New Jersey (may not apply in other states), you make it real crystal clear to the officer and insurance company, THE DEER HIT YOU, NOT that you hit the deer.  Strange as it seems, the insurance rules are as such that you will not be charged for the accident, and your rates will not go up..

Cars 25 years or older - QQ historic plates and your insurance will be much cheaper
   To be considered a historic vehicle, the vehicle must be at least 25 years old and only used for exhibition and educational purposes by the owner. Historic plates can be purchased for $44.
Not all motor vehicle offices issue QQ plates. 
You will need to bring a copy of the bill of sale, front & side picture of the car, registration, and a copy of the form filled out on line.
For QQ plates you will need a picture of the front and one side of the car.  The side picture should be perfectly 90 degrees from the front picture else they won't accept the picture.  This was from an idiot in Bergen county motor vehicle.

Owners of modified antique automobiles manufactured before 1949 that are registered in a New Jersey street rod club or an affiliate of the National Street Rod Association Inc. may apply for a Street Rod plate for $15.

Insurance for an 81 corvette was under $300 in 2019.
That was through American Collectors Insurance company.
To more information on cars go to this other section of this website. Car_Related.php

Charity Care Program
  Your eligible if your yearly income for 2021 is less than $25,760 for 1 person or $34,840 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.  

In the United States, charity care is health care provided
FOR FREE or at reduced prices to low income patients. The percentage of doctors providing charity care dropped from 76% in 1996-97 to 68% in 2004-2005.
The New Jersey Hospital Care Payment Assistance Program (Charity Care Assistance) is free or reduced charge care which is provided to patients who receive inpatient and outpatient services at acute care hospitals throughout the State of New Jersey.

Individual assets cannot exceed $7,500 and family assets cannot exceed $15,000. Should an applicant’s assets exceed these limits, he/she may “spend down” the assets to the eligible limits through payment of the excess toward the hospital bill and other approved out-of-pocket medical expenses

New Jersey Hospital Care Payment Assistance Fact Sheet

Comfort Partners Program  
  Your eligible if your income for 2021 is less than $33,975 for 1 person or $45,775 for 2 people.   Income limits are higher for more family members.  

The New Jersey Comfort Partners Program is a FREE program that helps income-eligible customers reduce their utility bills through implementing cost effective measures which save energy and money while improving their home's safety and comfort at no cost to them.

For More Information, Fill Out the Form Below or Call: 800-915-8309.
You can also call colleen 609-412-0909 for help. 

If eligible, participants receive: 
All recommended efficiency measures and energy education services -
free of charge.
Installation of cost-effective energy efficiency measures in the home (determined on a home-specific basis).

These can include:
Efficient lighting products;
Hot water conservation measures (water heater insulation, water heater pipe insulation and energy-saving showerheads and aerators);
Replacement of inefficient refrigerators;
Insulation upgrades (attic, wall, etc.);
Air sealing;
Duct sealing and repair;
Heating/cooling equipment maintenance;
And other measures.
Comprehensive, personalized energy education and counseling.

Consumer Facts for New Jersey's Older Citizens
The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs was established in 1971 to protect the consumers of New Jersey from dishonest and unscrupulous practices. The Division is responsible for administering and enforcing the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act that protects your rights before, during and after purchasing a product or service.
A unit within the division is dedicated solely to investigating fraud against the elderly. Often New Jersey's older citizens are the intended victims of various types of fraud, scams and other unscrupulous practices.

The division's handbook "New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Senior Fraud Education and Protection Program (Senior FED-UP)" offers advice and provides information that will help you to make informed decisions and avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Also available are Consumer Alerts to educate consumers about emerging frauds and topics that affect their daily lives.
FFor copies of the consumer publications and more information about your safety and consumer rights, please contact the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, 49 CONSUMER INFORMATION Consumer Facts for New Jersey's Older Citizens, cont. Division of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 46027, Newark, NJ 07101, telephone toll-free senior hotline 1-877-746-7860.
Senior Fraud Education and protection program Handbook.

Call Corporations That Don't Make Their Phone Numbers Available
Tired of trying to find a phone number for corporations that don't want you to talk to a live person?
Need to talk to a live person to solve your problem or questions. then this link is for you.

Cell Phone Service (Comcast - Very Cheap)
Tired of paying outrageous phone bills ? ? ?

   Simply put, in this plan you are paying for the shared amount of data that you use, NOT the number of phones you have on the plan ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

   UP to FIVE phones with a total of 1 GB of shared data for a TOTAL of $18.80 a month including tax.  
As of September 2020 there is a rumor that they may allow more than 5 phones.
   If you had Two phones with Verizon the monthly bill would be $128.40 a month = $1540.80 a year.
   If you had Two phones with Comcast the monthly bill would be $18.80 a month, = $225.60 a year.
   That is a $1315.20 savings a year ! ! !
   If you had FIVE phones with Verizon the monthly bill would be $150.00 a month = $1800.00 a year plus taxes.
   If you had FIVE phones with Comcast the monthly bill would be $18.80 a month, = $225.60 a year including taxes.
   That is a
$1574.00 savings a year, not to mention the additional taxes ! ! !

   (Most husbands & Wives don't use more than 1/5th of 1 GB).  Extra GB available for an additional charge only for the month needed, than it reverts back to last months rate.)
   If you use more than a small amount of data, you should check both company's plans and pricing as they change very frequently ! ! !

   If you want to check your data usage on Samsung phones. - Tap Settings. Tap Connections. Tap Data usage. The amount of mobile data you have used will be displayed.

   Comcast uses Verizon's cell towers, so you get the same good service as a Verizon customer.
   Check the compatibility chart to see if your phone is compatible with their service.
   Many phones are locked to the carrier they were purchased from, so if you bought a phone from Verizon then Verizon owns you, and you will not be able to use that phone with another service carrier ! ! !
   You may have to sell your phone on ebay or amazon and buy a new phone from Comcast to take advantage of their cheaper rates.

   Check phone Compatibility - 
   8-20  Comcast plans -  - skip down to By The GIG SHARED PLAN


Credit Cards - Companies Giving You Free Cash Or Points.
     Some bills you can pay with credit cards:
Amazon and anything you order on line, cable, car insurance, cell phone bill, health insurance, water bill, HOA fees, gas company bill, electric bill, and doctor bills, motor vehicle etc.
   If you add up how much money you spend a year and save up to 2% on that amount, it comes to a very large amount of money you are saving. You could be saving at least $1,000 a year, enough for a free vacation.
   Comcast cable bill by credit card with cash back.  $1800 year.  2% cash back = $36 back to you each year.
   Geico auto insurance - $1300 year.  2% cash back = $26 back to you each year for doing nothing.
   Some Co-ops allow you to pay Your monthly HOA (Taxes & Maintenance) by credit card.
     $400 a month =$4800 year = 2% cash back = $96 cash back.
   Humana Prescription plan cost $848 a year for two people.   2% cash back = $17 back to you each year
   Some bill companies like Jersey Central Power & Light (First energy) may charge you an extra fee for using your credit card.  Paying by credit card will cost you more than the 2% you would get back  from the credit card company.

   As you can see getting cash back is very simple, simply by paying every bill and every purchase with the correct credit card !!!  The amount of cash back adds up very quickly.

   Eearn unlimited 2% cash rewards on ALL purchases.
     $0 Annual Fee
  If you buy a lot items form Amazon then you apply for
the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.  Although this card requires users to have an eligible Amazon Prime membership ($119 annually, or $12.99 a month), the company’s branded credit card offers the highest rewards return:
5% cash back at and Whole Foods Market. Since Amazon Prime has 100 million subscribers and is growing, many people already meet this requirement.

Credit Cards - Lower Your Existing Credit Card Interest Rates
Did you know that with a simple 2 minute call to your credit card company, you can ask for a reduction in your interest rate ???
We have done this many times over the years & almost always have gotten our rate reduced.

Capital One credit card will consider and most likely reduce your rate every 8 months.
(They have dropped our rate by 3 to 4% every 8 months, on each card, even if you have more than one card with the same company)..

We have called other credit card companies that we had, and asked them to reduce our rate, and a few said no, so we called back 2 minutes later and got another rep, and they said sure we can reduce your rate.  So it pay$ to be persistent !

----- D ----

Department Of Health (New Jersey)
Find & compare nursing homes, hospitals & other providers near you.
Doctors & clinicians
Hospitals Nursing homes
Nursing homes including rehab services 
Home health services
Hospice care
Inpatient rehabilitation facilities
Long-term care hospitals
Dialysis facilities

Department of Human Services for NJ - (Services A to Z)
Here is a list of over 500 services offered by the the state of New Jersey Department of Human Services.

Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  Your eligible if your income for 2023 is less than $58,320 for 1 person or $78,880 for 2 people.   Income limits are higher for more family members.  

Devices currently available as part of this program include:
Amplified Telephone - Allows the user to increase the volume of the incoming voice up to 53dB.
  • Smoke Detector  English / Spanish
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm English / Spanish
  • Fire and C0 Signaler  English / Spanish
  • Doorbell  English / Spanish
  • Telephones English / Spanish
  • Baby Cry Alert Systems  English / Spanish
  • Tablets – English / Spanish
  • Smartphones – English / Spanish
  • Devices are free of charge to eligible applicants.

    Diabetic - Insulin  - Lily Patient Assistance Program 
       Ei Lily Will give Insulin either free or at a discount based on your yearly income.  Amounts of income vary aby which group 1, 2, 3&4 you require.of medicines.   Income limits are higher for more family members.

    See their list for medications and income limits for their other products. 

    Starting in 2023, the Inflation Reduction Act will cap the cost of insulin for Medicare beneficiaries at $35 per month and will include those who use insulin pumps. - Aug 16, 2022

       Ei Lily requires you to call each time your prescription needs to be renewed.
       As of January 2017 a new requirement goes into effect, you must have a $1100 of out of pocket medicine bills.
       If you don't have the $1100 of medicine bills, then call them and ask them to review your case again & again.
       They seem to give in and allow you to get your insulin free.

       Other Insulin manufactures may offer similar programs.


    Diabetic Medicare Therapeutic Shoe & Sneaker Program
    In an effort to prevent foot ulcers in people with diabetes who are at risk, Medicare will help pay for therapeutic shoes. For those who qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the allowed amount for one pair of shoes and up to three pairs of molded innersoles per year. (The allowed amount varies depending on the kind of footwear you need.) Most secondary insurers will help pay the other 20%. .,-Part%20B%20covers&text=covers%20the%20furnishing%20and%20fitting,pair%20of%20extra%2Ddepth%20shoes 

    Diabetic - Cutting Your Toe Nails
    If you are a diabetic, Medicare pays for a Podiatrist to cut your toe nails in the doctors office, or in your home so you don't get an infection.

    Diabetic - Abbott's Libre Arm Sensor
    Medicare pays for this system.
    Stop pricking your finger for your Glucose readings.
    Insert their 14 day sensor under your arm and use your phone to read readings from the Libre 1 system, or their reader with options alarms (Glucose to high or to low) from the Libre 2 system. As of 4-21 they are waiting for approval for the software from the FDA to allow your phone to be used as a reader for the Libre 2 system.
    You can test you glucose levels as often as you like.

    Libre testers stores 14 days of readings, and if you bring your reader to your doctor, they can download and print out all of that information for analysis.


    Domestic Partner Insurance
    Domestic Partner Insurance or Domestic Partner Health Insurance is when an insurance contract extends the definition of spouse to recognize domestic partners. As a result, the health insurance benefits may be extended to the unmarried partner and their children. Couples of the same and opposite sex are able to share insurance under a domestic partner insurance coverage just as a married couple would. The biggest benefit being a reduced insurance rate and the ability to be eligible for the employee benefit package.

    Drug And Prescription Saving Card
    First choice -

    Type in your drug name. Click find the lowest price.  It will show the pill shape, color, ID, and description.
    A list of various drug stores and prices will appear.  Have your prescription filled at the cheapest store. 
    Type in colchicine and the price at Riteaid is $71.36, and the price at Shop n Shop is $30.20, and that's a $40 difference.
    Your prescription plan (such as Humana) may be cheaper.
     Ask the pharmacist to compare your cost for both choices.

    Second choice -
    Fill in your name, address, and email address and they will send you a discount card FREE ! ! !
    This card with member ID # is good for the whole family and pets , no need for multiple cards.

    Use this card for discounts of up to 80% on most prescription drugs at over 70,000 U.S. pharmacies.
    Get discounts for every member of your family,
    including pets!
    No expiration. No fees or obligations. No credit card required.
    GoodRx is not insurance. Savings based on pharmacy retail price.

    Drugs Side Effects  
    Have you often wondered which symptoms in the adverse drug listing would probably affect you the most?

    Within a category, adverse reactions must be listed in decreasing order of frequency.
    If frequency cannot be reliably determined, adverse reactions must be listed in decreasing order of severity.

    This is similar to the labels on food products.  The highest amount of any ingredient will be at the top of the list and the smallest quantity of any ingredient will be at the bottom.

    Put the name of the drug into Goggle and click on one of the many links.

    ----- E -----

    Education for Senior Citizens
    Most all of the public colleges, universities, and community colleges offer senior citizens between the ages of 55-65 and older tuition waivers.  Because most do offer these waivers, if a college that you want to attend is not on the list, or is on the list with no tuition waiver information found, call the institution in question and inquire about the possibility of an available waiver.

    Most colleges and universities permit retired New Jersey residents, age 55-65 or older, to attend courses on a space-available, noncredit basis.
    This is only a short list of some of them that offer FREE courses.
    Call any other ones to see if they offer similar programs.

    Ocean County College - 55 or older.

    Ramapo - Bergen County

    Rutgers University - 62 or older.

    Sussex County Community College - 65 and over.

    William Paterson University - 65 and over.

    Lifetime Learning Credit For Family Dependents and Studens.

    E-ZPASS Senior Discount
    In order to participate in this Program you must be 65 years of age or older, have a New Jersey E-ZPass account, have a valid driver's license issued by any state, and have a vehicle registered in your name in any state. You do not have to live in New Jersey to open a New Jersey E-ZPass account.
    Discount is not available to only disabled persons, unless your 65 or over, and discount doesn't apply to peek hours.
    Form and Information to receive a 10% discount -

    Customers must provide proof of eligible age (65 and over) to enroll in the plan and receive a discount off the full fare off-peak toll on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. Once your account is open please call 732-750-5300 to request the plan (Please see Application).

    * Peak Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-9am, 4:30pm-6:30pm; All Day Saturday and Sunday.
    For specific information on the terms and conditions of a New Jersey E-ZPass account, please visit or call 1-888-288-6865.
    If you have any questions regarding the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's Senior Citizen E-ZPass Discount Program, please call 732-750-5300.  - Application

    ----- F -----

    Face Down Chair
    If you need eye surgery for a detached retina, or any surgery that require you to hold your head in the down position, then you will be a lot more comfortable with this chair rental.


    Farmland Assessment -
    If you own 5 acres or more.
    Farmland meeting the requirements for eligibility can receive preferential assessment. The assessment is based on productivity and agricultural or horticultural use of the land.

    Eligibility Requirements:
       Applicant must own the land.

       Owner must apply for Farmland Assessment on Form FA-1 with municipal tax assessor annually on or before August 1 of the year immediately preceding the tax year.

       Land must be devoted to agricultural or horticultural uses for at least two years prior to the tax year.

       Land must consist of at least 5 contiguous acres.

       Gross sales of products from the land must total $600 per year for the first 5 acres, plus $5 per acre for each acre over 5, except in the case of woodland or wetland where the income requirement is $.60 per acre for any acreage over 5.

       Owner must represent that the land will continue in agricultural or horticultural use to the end of the tax year for which application is made.

       Change to a use other than agricultural or horticultural results in additional taxes referred to as rollback taxes (taxes that would have been paid had the land been valued and taxed as other land minus taxes paid under farmland assessment).
    Contact: 609-292-7975



    Food Stamps (SNAP) - NJ
      Your eligible if your monthly income for October 2023 - September 2024 - is less than $2,248 for 1 person or $3,041 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.  

    ----- As of October 1, 2008, the new name for Food Stamps is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
       Read the page, There is lots of if and buts.

       Most SNAP eligibility rules apply to all households, but there are some special rules for households with elderly or disabled members, and Eligibility for College Students that are described here.  

    Furniture:  From Bobs stores
    Bobs Threshold Delivery - Delivery right inside your front door of your house, apartment or condo building, left in the box or packaging, unassembled.
    We saved $130 on shipping charges for a living room set !!!

    ----- G -----

    Getting A Ride To Doctor Offices & Shopping etc.  
    If you live in a different county (other than Ocean County) you will have call that county for information.
    The information listed below is for Ocean County, NJ ONLY.

    Ocean Ride
       The most often requested services is transportation to medical appointments and local shopping.
    Cost is $3.00 with valid PAAD* ID card. 

       Ocean Ride Fares (all are round trip fares)
    The Reserve-A-Ride program is primarily designed to serve routine medical needs of Ocean County residents. Unlike the Fixed Bus Routes, this service does not operate on the basis of a printed schedule, rather routes and pick-up times are developed each day in response to the service requests we receive. All vehicles are wheelchair lift-equipped.

    Once your reservation has been made, the driver will arrive anytime within 1 hour to 1½ hours of the scheduled appointment time (depending on your travel distance). In accordance with Ocean Ride’s Safety Policy, our Drivers are not permitted to enter your home, thus we require that you be at ground level for your scheduled pick up.

       Riders Guide -

       Make An Appointment:
    All trip requests are to be handled by telephone by calling (732) 736-8989, then press "1" to speak with a Reservationist.

       Cancellation Hotline Number:
    732-736-8989 and then Press * 100 

       Main Number 

    Grandparents Visitation Rights
      Under the law, grandparents have the right to visit with their grandchildren. Should this right be denied, a grandparent or any sibling of a child residing in this State may make application before the Superior Court, in accordance with the Rules of the Court, for an order for visitation. To make application to the court for visitation, the grandparent(s) should have the assistance of an attorney. For additional information, persons 60 or over should contact his/her Area Agency on Aging at 1-877-222-3737.
    This will be an expensive endeavor.

    ----- H -----

    Headache ? - Stop the pain in a couple of minutes without drugs.  
    Men ice cube on lower part of neck,
    then right temple,
    then left temple,
    then the center of the forehead.
    The headache should be gone by then.
    Repeat 2 or 3 times if necessary.

    Women same as above but do left temple before right temple
    Repeat 2 or 3 times if necessary.


    Hearing Aid Assistance to the Aged & Disabled (HAAAD)  
    The State of New Jersey offers hearing aid assistance for persons not otherwise qualified for Medicaid who meet the age/disability, income and residency requirements of the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled Program (PAAD). A person eligible for assistance under the Hearing Aid Assistance to the Aged & Disabled program (HAAAD) is entitled to receive up to $100.00 toward the purchase of a hearing aid. 


    Hearing Aid Batteries  
    Are you tired of getting ripped off and paying $18-22 dollars for 10 pack of hearing aid batteries ? ? ?
    Stop getting ripped off, go to a Dollar Store and get a 10 pack for one Dollar.  If your store does not not have them, then look on ebay or amazon, they have them a whole lot cheaper.

    Highly Amplified Volume, And Readable Caption Phone  
    If you are tied of trying to find a phone that is loud enough to hear, then look no further.  The volume on this phone can be turned up to 58db, which you can hear two blocks away.

    To qualify for the
    FREE CaptionCall phone and service, you must obtain certification from a hearing-care or healthcare professional indicating you have a hearing loss, and need CaptionCall to communicate effectively by phone.

    One of these companies allows you to get
    up to two of these phones FREE and extra ones can be ordered on line for $75 each. 
    There is
    no charge for the phone, delivery, installation or ongoing customer support. 

    If you have purchased a hearing aid from a hearing aid center, then you may not have to fill out any of the forms.

    Heating Oil Cost Assistance - NJCA Oil Group  
    New Jersey Citizen Action's Oil Group (NJCAOG) is comprised of thousands of heating oil consumers who have joined together to negotiate a lower price with local dealers.
    After joining, members are assigned a supplier. They then call that supplier and make arrangement for fuel delivery but at the Oil Group's discounted price.

    Generally, the prices members pay are 10-30% less than average retail prices.


    Hot Water Heater Settings
    Try this simple hot water experiment.

    Right now, go turn on the hot water in your shower. Turn the hot water as high as it will go with no cold water at all. Give it some time so that the water reaches maximum heat.

    Now, stick your hand into the water flow. If you're afraid to do this because your hand will get burnt, then your hot water heater is set too high and you're likely wasting a substantial amount of energy.

    The Department of Energy recommends having your tank-based hot water heater set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for most people, but if you've never adjusted the temperature on your hot water heater, it's probably set to 140 degrees, which is the default setting from most manufacturers.

    If you bought or are buying a used home, you can be pretty sure that someone has turned the dial on the hot water heater to the maximum setting, well beyond the recommended 120 degree setting.

    Any settings above the 120 degree setting usually the lowest setting on the dial will cost you a great deal of extra wasted money over the year, especially if you have a 50 or 75 gallon tank for a jacuzzi tub.,reduce%20the%20risk%20of%20scalding.

    ----- I -----

    Income Tax Exemption for NJ Veterans - New for 2017
       You are eligible for a $3,000 exemption on your Income Tax return if you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States on or any time before the last day of the tax year.

       Veterans Income Tax Exemption Submission Form


     Low Cost Internet 
    This is a partial list of programs and conditions that determine if you are qualified for low cost internet ! ! !
    Always ask you internet provider what programs they offer.

    Internet Essentials from Comcast brings affordable high-speed Internet home.
    You may qualify for Internet Essentials if you are eligible for public assistance programs such as the
       National School Lunch Program,
       Housing Assistance,
       SNAP (formerly food stamps),
       and others.,t%20require%20a%20credit%20check.

    ----- J -----

    Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC)
      Your eligible if your MONTHLY income for 2022 is less than $4,435 for 1 person or $5,9697 for 2 people.    Having countable assets totaling $40,000 or less for an individual or $60,000 or less for a couple 

    JACC is a State-funded program that provides a broad array of in-home services to enable an individual, at risk of placement in a nursing facility and who meets income and resource requirements, to remain in his or her community home. By providing a uniquely designed package of supports for the individual, JACC delays or prevents placement in a nursing facility.

    What services may be provided?
    Under JACC, family members can be paid to provide caregiving services for their loved ones.

    Based on the results of a clinical assessment, a Plan of Care (POC) is developed collaboratively by the participant and his/her Care Manager. All JACC participants receive Care Management services. In addition, the POC specifies other services to be delivered, which may include:
       Adult day care and adult day health care
       Caregiver training
       Case Management
       Chore services, such as yard work and light home maintenance
       Durable medical equipment and supplies
       Home-Delivered Meal Service
       Home health aide
       Home modifications to improve accessibility
       Homemaker services, such as laundry and housecleaning
       Personal care
       Personal emergency response service (PERS)
       Respite care for the participant's primary caregiver
       Social Adult Day Care
       Special Medical Equipment and Supplies
       Transportation assistance for medical appointments
       Under JACC, family members can be paid to provide caregiving services for their loved ones.


    ----- L -----

    Legal Aid Legal Services Providers 
       All Area Agencies on Aging fund legal assistance to provide access to the system of justice to residents 60 years of age and older who have a legal problem which falls within the priorities established for the program.
       Under the supervision of a lawyer, legal advice, assistance, and/or representation is provided in order to protect and secure the rights of older persons.
       Legal assistance is provided in priority areas, such as public entitlements, planning/protecting autonomy, health care/long term care, family/domestic, housing/utilities, individual rights and consumer issues.
       Preference for service is given to individuals with the greatest social and economic need. Community legal education which benefits a large number of clients is an important component of the legal program.

       For additional information contact the Area Agencies on Aging at 1-877-222-3737.

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Patient Financial Aid
    Patient Financial Aid
       The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Co-Pay Assistance Program helps you pay your insurance premiums and meet co-pay obligations. We'll also help you find additional sources of financial aid. The Co-Pay Assistance Program offers financial help toward: Blood cancer treatment-related co-payments Private health insurance premiums Medicare Part B, Medicare Plan D, Medicare Supplementary Health Insurance, Medicare Advantage premium, Medicaid Spend-down or co-pay obligations


    Lifeline - Utility Assistance
      Your eligible if your Yearly income for 2024 is less than $42,142 for 1 person or $49,209 for 2 people.  

    You can go in person to the motor vehicle and show them your PADD card to receive a discount.

       Lifeline is a program that offers $225 to persons who meet the PAAD eligibility requirements or who receive SSI. This includes utility customers as well as tenants whose utility bills are included in their rent. Lifeline benefits are provided for only electricity and natural gas. Approximately 314,000 people received over $70 million in Lifeline benefits last year.
    For more information about Lifeline, please call 1-800-792-9745.

        LIFELINE is a utility assistance program that offers a yearly benefit to persons age 65 years and older, and to certain disabled persons who are receiving Social Security disability payments. You qualify if you meet all of the following:

       You are a New Jersey resident at least 65 years of age, OR at least 18 years of age and receiving Social Security Disability benefits;

       You are single, and meet the annually established income requirements OR, you are married or a civil union couple, and your joint annual income meets the annually established income limits. The income eligibility limits are increased by the amount of the maximum Social Security benefit cost-of-living increase for the year.

       You received utility bills in your name, spouse's or civil union partner's name, OR you are a tenant and do not receive utility bills, but the cost of your utilities is included in the rent.

       You will automatically receive a LIFELINE application if you are enrolled in: Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD); Medical Assistance to the Aged Continuation (MAAC); Medical Assistance Only (MAO); or any of the Special Medicaid-Type Programs. In addition, if you are receiving SSI benefits, your check issued by the Social Security Administration automatically includes a monthly amount which is equal to the annual LIFELINE benefit. This amount will help to pay for the increased cost of utilities.

       For more information, please contact LIFELINE, NJ Department of Health & Senior Services, PO Box 715, Trenton, NJ 08625-0715, telephone, toll-free, 1-800-792-9745 or your Area Agency on Aging at 1-877-222-3737.


    Light Bulbs  
    Replace all light bulbs the are not LEDS with LED daylight type for maximum light, or if you prefer a softer light then choose a soft white type !!!

    A LED 60 watt LED bulb that is the equivalent of a old 60 watt type incandescent bulb, ONLY consumes 8-9 watts and produces about a 100% increase in a brighter light output !!!

    That is a saving of 52 watts per bulb, times how many light bulbs you have in and outside of your house.  That will save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

    Old type incandescent bulbs burn very hot, and generate a tremendous amount of heat.  In the summer that will make your air conditioning run longer to fight the extra heat, making your electric bill higher.

    Don't forget to change the light bulbs outside of your house too.

    Walmart has very cheap light bulbs.  Look for the box that had Great Value on the upper left corner of the box.

    If you need dimmable bulbs make sure the box states that they are DIMMABLE.

    Lower Your Property Taxes- This applies to anyone, Senior or not !!!
       Did you know that it is very possible to lower your property taxes each year ???
    (Especially since the value of your house goes down every day in this economy.)

       The application MUST be filed before April 1 of the year you want a reduction.

       You could file and application yourself (not recommended) or you could use a lawyer that specializes in filing the application for you.

       Their fee is as follows: If he gets your taxes lowered by $800.00 a year, he gets a one time fee of half, $400.00.

       Your taxes will be stay lowered by $800.00 each and every year thereafter.

       If he doesn't get your taxes lowered, his fee is $0.00. This is a win win situation, you can't lose !!!

       We have used Michael many times for many properties, he has always gotten our taxes lowered.

    Michael A. Vespasiano
    331 Main Street
    Chatham, NJ 07928

    ----- M -----

    Meals On Wheels
       How Meals on Wheels works.
    We deliver hot, nutritious meals to our seniors' homes Monday through Friday and for our most frail and vulnerable, weekends and holidays. All our menus are approved by a qualified nutritionist, and provide at least one-third of the daily dietary recommendation set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Nutrition education and counseling are also provided under this program. Please note: we do not provide meals for special diets.

       Eligibility Criteria:
    The demand for Meals on Wheels is extremely high, and increases each year. As a result, we carefully review each case to ensure our limited resources go to those who need it most. In order to qualify, you or your spouse must be:
    Age 60 or over
    Housebound, i.e. incapacitated due to accident, illness or frailty
    Unable to prepare meals safely, or lack the knowledge and skills to prepare meals
    Lacking support from family, friends, neighbors, health aides or other caregivers to help secure regular meals
    Spouses of home bound older individuals if an assessment indicates that receipt of Meals On Wheels is in best interest of the senior
    Disabled dependent child who resides with an older, eligible individual

       Help us serve the community.
    Though no donation is required, each participant is asked to make a small contribution of $2 per meal to help defray food and preparation costs. It costs over $10 to prepare and serve each meal. Every donation helps us ensure that no senior is ever denied because they can't afford a contribution.

       Click here to learn more about donations.
    To learn more about Meals on Wheels, please call us at 732-367-1401 or email

    Medicaid - Known As NJ Family Care
      Your eligible if your Monthly income for 2023 is less than $1,677 for 1 person or $31,164 for 2 people.  To $3,450 for a family of 4. 

       When you have Medicare and can't afford a secondary insurance.
    To be eligible you must make less than $16,643. 
    Does Medicaid cover ambulance services?
    Emergency Ambulance Services Medicaid covers Emergency Ambulance services when provided by providers licensed by the state. The patient must be transported in an appropriate vehicle that has been inspected and issued a permit by the state. Medical Transportation or Non-Emergency Ambulance Services Medicaid covers non-emergency ambulance services with a statement by a doctor that the service is required.

    Getting Help Paying Your Medicare Costs
      Your eligible if your monthly income for 2022 is less than $1,235 for 1 person or $1,663 for 2 people.
     Low-income beneficiaries can save over $5,000 a year. 

    Save more than $1,800 annually with a Medicare Savings Program (MSP)

    Most seniors and individuals with disabilities on Medicare in 2022 will pay $170.10 each month directly out of their Social Security check for their Part B premium.

    If your annual income in 2022 does not exceed $18,348 (if single) and $24,720 (if married), and your assets, not including your home and car, total no more than $8,400 for a single person or $12,600 for a couple, you can get the State of New Jersey to pay your Part B premium and save at least $1,800 each year on healthcare expenses. Lower income individuals may save even more.

    Save an average of $5,000 with a Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

    The average monthly premium for a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan is $37.07. In addition, each time a senior and individual with disabilities on Medicare goes to the pharmacy, they must pay their co-pay and, in the donut hole, about half the cost of their medication.

    If your annual income in 2022 does not exceed $20,385 for a single person or $27,465 for a couple, and your assets, not including your home and car, total no more than $15,510 for a single person or $30,950 for a couple, you can get the State of New Jersey to pay your Part D premium, lower your co-pay amount and pay only that reduced co-pay amount throughout the year (i.e., you have no donut hole). People on LIS also pay no late enrollment penalty. The average person on LIS saves $5,000 each year in prescription costs.

    To learn more about and apply for these programs contact your County State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). You can also go online and complete an NJSave application that screens and enrolls eligible individuals in up to 10 different assistance programs including a Low Income Subsidy or Medicare Savings Program.

    Medicare Part B Covers:
    Durable medical equipment (DME) coverage. Equipment & supplies are included?

    DME that Medicare covers includes, but isn't limited to:


    Medicare Part D Extra Help program    
      Your eligible if your yearly income for 2024 is less than $22,000 for 1 person or $22,000 for 2 people.  
    The Extra Help program helps people with limited income and resources lower or cut Part D costs. Medicare Part D provides drug coverage. The Extra Help program helps with the cost of your prescription drugs, like deductibles and copays. You can apply for Extra Help any time before or after you enroll in Part D.

     Medications In Easy Premeasured Dispensable Packs from a dispenser
      Tired of figuring which pills to take and when ? ? ?

       CVS and other drug stores will prepackage all your pills in a separate bag for EACH morning, afternoon, or night requirements, that are despenced from a roll in the dispenser one dosage bag at a time.

       Each bag is clearly marked with the day, when to take the pills, and the names and dosage of the pills.

       This solves the possibility of taking the wrong pill, more than one, or missing a pill. 

    NOTE:  Multi-dose packaging is provided without additional fees. Drug costs may change when prescriptions are transferred to a new pharmacy or change from a 90-day prescription to a 30-day prescription. To align prescriptions on a 30-day cycle, 1 or more additional co-pays may be required by the patients plan. Patients can discuss this with their  pharmacy team.

    Medicines With A High Cost
       Are you paying an excessively high amount of money for any particular medicines ? ? ?
       Most manufacturers of medicine offer patient assistance programs that will give you the excessively high cost of medicines for FREE if you have a relatively low income ! ! ! 

    All you have to do is call them ! ! !

    10 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

    All of these methods will save interest and pay off your loan sooner.
    Accelerated Monthly
    Accelerated Bi-weekly
    Accelerated Weekly
     Every extra amount you pay in addition to your mortgage payment.
    Tell the bank that your extra amount should go toward the principal, NOT the next months payment. 

    Medicare: Covers Cataract Surgery & A Pair of FREE GLASSES OR CONTACTS
      Generally, Medicare doesn't cover eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, following cataract surgery that implants an intraocular lens, Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) helps pay for corrective lenses (one pair of eyeglasses with standard frames or one set of contact lenses). Medicare covers the surgery if it's done using traditional surgical techniques or using lasers.

       Note Medicare will only pay for contact lenses or eyeglasses provided by a supplier enrolled in Medicare, no matter who submits the claim (you or your supplier).

    Motor Vehicle Registration Discount
    NOTE: The fees for senior citizens 65 and older and person(s) with a disability are $7 less than those stated in all PASSENGER vehicle categories if you own or lease the vehicle. This reduction does NOT apply to boat registrations.
    • All passenger vehicles or non-commercial trucks registered to recipients of the following programs are eligible for discounted registration fees
    • Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD). • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
    • Lifeline.
        You can send in your renewal registration with a copy of you PADD card and a check for the registration amount minus the discount.

    Motor Vehicle Placard
        The new law, effective August 1, 2013, requires that persons with a disability be recertified every 3 years in order to obtain a new placard.
        If you don't want to deal with the renewal, just get handicap license plates, there good forever ! ! !

        You can download the Application/Renewal form here. 

    ----- O -----

      NJ family Care (obama care)
    If you are on Medicare you are not allowed by law to get this coverage.

    Income Eligibility and Cost
    NJ FamilyCare covers: children, pregnant women, parents/caretaker relatives, and single adults/childless couples.

    Children 18 and under are eligible with higher incomes up to 355% FPL ($7,189/month for a family of four). Parents still need to renew the coverage each year.
    Parents/Caretaker Relatives with income up to 138% FPL ($2,795/month for a family of four) must have tax dependent children in their household in order to be eligible under this category. Dependent children in the household must be insured also.
    Adults without dependent children among ages 19-64 with incomes up to 138% FPL ($1,367/month for a single person and $1,843/month for a couple).
    Pregnant Women up to 205% FPL ($4,152/month for a family of four).

    For information on programs for people over 65, blind or permanently disabled click here.

    New Income and Household Size Calculations

    Financial eligibility for individuals seeking eligibility for NJ FamilyCare will be based on their Modified Adjusted Gross Income or MAGI. This means the income and household size will be determined by their latest federal tax return which when filed, can be electronically verified. The tax-based household size provides a simplified income calculation.

    New Jersey Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 
      Your eligible if your monthly income for 2024 is less than $3,676 for 1 person or $4,807 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.  

       LIHEAP is a federally funded program designed to help low-income families and individuals meet home heating and medically necessary cooling costs. 

    The application period for 2022 opens on October 1, 2021 and ends June 30, 2022.


    New Jersey Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) 
      Your eligible if your monthly income for 2024 is less than $3,464 for 1 person or $4,530 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.  

      Struggling to pay your water and sewer bills?

      The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) helps you:

      Avoid Service Disruptions
       Restore Services
       Stay up-to-date on your payments
       Pay Reconnection Fees


    New Jersey Shares (SHARES) 
      Your eligible if your monthly income for 2021 is less than $4,293 for 1 person or $5,807 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.  

    NJSHARES is a non-profit corporation organized to provide assistance to individuals and families living in New Jersey who are in need of temporary help in paying their energy bills. To qualify for NJ SHARES, a person or family must be facing a financial crisis and not be eligible for welfare. Recipients must also have a history of good-faith payments of their utility bills. Eligibility is determined by New Jersey SHARES' 68 local social service agencies. Upon approval, recipients may receive a one-time grant of $250 each for gas and/or electricity.  Please call NJSHARES at 1-866-657-4273 or visit them at

    Water Assistance:
    Customers of NJ American Water Company can call NJSHARES for help with their water costs at: 877-652-9426  Customers of United Water Company can call NJSHARES for help with their water costs at: 888-942-8080 

    Winter Termination Program
    This program is in effect from November 15 through March 15. The program prevents residential gas and electric customers who participate in the Lifeline, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Work First New Jersey/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (WFNJ/TANF), Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) from having their gas or electric service disconnected during the winter months. The Program is administered by the Board of Public Utilities. For more information on the Winter Termination Program, please call 1-800-624-0241.

    Organ Matching From Live People
    1-800-385-0422 has become the most successful nonprofit organization that is improving those odds by finding living altruistic organ donors for patients needing transplants.

    The website can get over 1.5 million hits in a month.
    Regardless of your need; Kidney, Pancreas, Liver, Lung Bone Marrow or Intestine we may be able to help. may be able to help patients and donors with transplant related expenses not covered by insurance.

        There are currently 15,684 registered Potential Donors on
        There are also currently  4,340 registered Potential Donors willing to be incompatible donors in paired exchanges or chains.


    ----- P -----

         Your eligible if your yearly income for 2024 is less than $52,142 if single or less than $59,209 if married.  

       Pharmaceutical assistance to the aged and disabled (PAAD), lifeline and special benefit programs.
       If your income exceeds these limits, you can apply for the Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program, a New Jersey program which assists with the cost of prescription drugs. Call toll free 1-800-792-9745 for more information.

          Apply Now:
    AP-2 Application [pdf 237k] -- AP-2A Form [pdf 11k]
    AP-2 Application Instructions
    2018 NJ SAVE Application Tutorial Video  -

    Here's what you may be eligible for by filling out the initial application for PAAD/Senior Gold:
        Prescription drug benefits. PAAD and Senior Gold are state-funded prescription programs that help with the cost of prescribed medication (including insulin, insulin needles, and needles for injectable medicines used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis). If you are eligible for PAAD benefits, you would have a copayment of $5 for generic drugs or $7 for brand name drugs (copayment costs could be lower if a PAAD beneficiary's Medicare Part D prescription drug plan charges less for a prescription).

        Medicare Part D (prescription coverage) premium savings. If you are eligible for PAAD benefits, you may be screened for a subsidy from the federal government that pays for Medicare Part D premiums, co-insurance, and other out-of-pocket costs. With this subsidy, a person also could qualify for a lower prescription drug copayment than the PAAD copayment.

        Medicare Part B (medical coverage) premium savings. If you are eligible for PAAD benefits, you may be screened for the Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB) and Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary Qualified Individual (SLMB-QI-1) programs. Both SLMB and SLMB QI-1 are Medicare Savings Programs that pay for a person's monthly Medicare Part B premium.

        Utility cost assistance. If you are eligible for PAAD benefits, you may also be eligible for benefits under the Lifeline utility assistance program, the Universal Service Fund (USF), and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

        Hearing aid assistance. If you are eligible for PAAD benefits, you may also be eligible for a $100 reimbursement for the purchase of a hearing aid.
        NOTE:   Other programs require you to be approved for PADD first, before they will consider your application. 
    In addition, if you are eligible for PAAD benefits, you may also be eligible for other benefits, such as reduced motor vehicle fees, discounted prices for spaying or neutering your cat or dog, and the property tax freeze.

           PAAD co-pay is:
    $5 per PAAD covered generic drug.
    $7 per PAAD covered brand name drug.

       What does PACE cover?
    PACE provides all the care and services covered by Medicare and Medicaid if authorized by your health care team. If your health care team decides you need care and services that Medicare and Medicaid doesn't cover, PACE may still cover them.

    Here are some of the services PACE covers:
    Adult day primary care (including doctor and recreational therapy nursing services)
    Emergency services
    Home care
    Hospital care
    Laboratory/x-ray services
    Medical specialty services
    Nursing home care
    Nutritional counseling
    Occupational therapy
    Physical therapy
    Prescription drugs
    If you join a PACE program, you'll get your Part D-covered drugs and all other necessary medication from the PACE program. You don't need to join a separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. If you do, you'll be disenrolled from your PACE health and prescription drug benefits.

    Preventive care
    Social services, including caregiver training, support groups, and respite care
    Social work counseling
    Transportation to the PACE center for activities or medical appointments, if medically necessary. You may also be able to get transportation to some medical appointments in the community.  

    PAGE (PAGE)  183 for 1 person or $83,932 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.  
    PAGE—which stands for Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric—is a state-funded utility assistance program that helps low to moderate-income families in New Jersey pay their utility bills.

    Project Lifesaver
       This particular article and link is for Somerset County, but it seems to be available in other counties in NJ.  Call or Google for your county is interested.

      Project Lifesaver, a nationally recognized program, is a joint effort between the Somerset County Sheriff's Office and the Somerset County Office on Aging and Disability Services.

     Project Lifesaver is a unique bracelet identification-tracking program for individuals prone to wandering and who have dementia such as Alzheimer's disease or developmental disorders such as Autism or Down Syndrome. The program does not serve as a "sitter" but rather provides extra support to the caregiver and family to keep the loved one in the community.

    Project Lifesaver uses a one ounce battery operated radio transmitter that emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day; each bracelet has a unique radio frequency.

    Property Tax Exemption of 100% for Disabled Veterans or Surviving Spouses.
       Certain permanently and totally disabled war veterans or the surviving spouses (widows/widowers) of such disabled war veterans and service persons are granted a full property tax exemption on their dwelling house and the lot on which it is situated.

       TO QUALIFY, you must be an honorably discharged veteran, who had active service in time of war in the US Armed Forces, or the unmarried surviving spouse of such a disabled veteran. Surviving spouses of service persons who died in active service in time of war also qualify. Disability must be certified as 100% permanent and total by the United States Veterans Administration.

       You must be the owner and a permanent resident in the dwelling and legal resident of New Jersey. In the case of surviving spouses, the deceased spouse must also have been a legal resident of New Jersey. 


    Property Tax Reimbursement Information (Senior or Disabled Tax Freeze)

       Property Tax Reimbursement (Freeze) Eligibility Requirements You may be eligible for a reimbursement of the difference between the amount of property taxes you paid for the base year (the year you first became eligible) and the amount paid for the year for which you are applying for a reimbursement if you met all the following requirements for the base year and for each succeeding year, up to and including the year for which you are claiming the reimbursement.

    Beginning with the 2023 filing season, the law:
    • Increases the income limit for the program to $150,000; and
    • Eliminates the requirement that an applicant must be a New Jersey resident for 10 consecutive years.
    • The age/disability and three-year homeownership requirements remain unchanged.

    Forms -
    FAQs -

    Learn about other New Jersey property tax relief programs

    ----- R -----

    ($250) Real Property Tax Deduction for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons or Surviving Spouses .
       An annual $250 deduction from real property taxes is provided for the dwelling of a qualified senior citizen, disabled person or surviving spouse (widow/widower).

       TO QUALIFY, you must be by December 31 of year before year deduction is requested a senior citizen, age 65 or older, or a permanently and totally disabled individual, unable to be gainfully employed, or a surviving spouse, age 55 or more and age 55 at time of spouse's death.

       You must be a legal resident of New Jersey for one year immediately prior to October 1 of the year before the year for which the deduction is requested.

       You must be an owner of and a permanent resident in the dwelling on October 1st of the year before the year for which the deduction is requested.

       Income may be no more than $10,000 during the year for which the deduction is requested, excluding, monies received from social security, or Federal Government pension, disability and retirement programs or State, County, Municipal pension, disability and retirement programs.

       Claim Form PTD must be filed with your municipal tax assessor or tax collector.

        Contact Them -

    Reduced Fare Program
      Senior Citizen/Disabled Resident Transportation Assistance Program

    Reverse Mortgage
      A reverse mortgage is a loan for seniors age 62 and older. HECM reverse mortgage loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and allow homeowners to convert their home equity into cash with no monthly mortgage payments.
    Pros and cons can be read here.

    ----- S -----

    Section 8 Voucher Program -- Housing for Renting & Home Ownership

    Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher  (Renting)
       Housing Assistance
       Housing Production
       Energy Assistance
       Community Services
       Neighborhood Programs
       Office of Housing Advocacy

       For additional information, call (609) 292-4080 or email Customer Service.

       Assists in making safe and quality housing in the private rental market affordable to low, and very low-income households by reducing housing costs through direct rent subsidy payments to landlords.

       The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

       The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is based on the premise that housing costs (rent and utilities) should not exceed 30 percent of a household's income.

       The statewide program is available to residents of all New Jersey counties. Additional Section 8 Existing Housing programs are administered throughout the State by a number of municipal and county authorities. Assistance is provided to low, and very low-income households and individuals.


    Section 8 (Home ownership) Program
       Housing Assistance
       Housing Production
       Energy Assistance
       Community Services
       Neighborhood Programs
       Office of Housing Advocacy

       For additional information, call (609) 292-9025. The Section 8 Homeownership Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

       Participants in the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs' (DCA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program are eligible for this program and could become homeowners provided they meet all Section 8 Homeownership Program eligibility requirements.

       The Housing Choice Voucher that is currently used towards rental payments will be applied towards homeownership expenses including principal and interest on mortgage debt, insurance, taxes, utilities and other homeownership expenses.


    Selling your house ((Capital gains (Exit Tax))

    What It Actually Is.
    Despite the confusion caused by calling it an exit tax, the law simply requires the seller to pay state tax in advance, calculated as follows: New Jersey withholds either 8.97% of the profit or 2% of the selling price, whichever is higher. 

    This estimated tax is adjusted when the seller files a New Jersey tax return for the year of the sale. The seller must pay this tax prior to leaving the state, even if there is no gain from the sale. But the state takes all that into account once the year-end income tax is filed.

    So, for example, if you lost money on the sale of your house, and 2% tax was prepaid before you left the state, you would receive a full refund when you file your New Jersey state income tax.

    If you do realize a capital gain on the sale, it would be deducted from the estimated tax payment you have made when exiting and the remainder would be returned to you.
    For a two people names on the deed there is a $250,000 deduction for each one of them, for a total of $500,000 deduction.

    Jan 16, 2018 - Any amount that is taxable for federal purposes is taxable for New Jersey purposes. Single filers can qualify to exclude up to $250,000. Joint filers can qualify to exclude up to $500,000. This is true regardless of age, as long as you owned and lived in the residence for 2 of the 5 years prior to the sale.



    Selling your house (Best & Worst Times Of The Year)

     Best times are February through June, when people are looking to register their kids for school in the new school system.
    Worst times are July though August, when people are on vacations.
    Thanksgiving through Christmas, when people are celebrating holidays.


    Schedule of Social Security Benefit Payments
       The day of the week your check get delivered is based on this calendar.

    Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program
        Your eligible if, you must have an annual income for 2024 between $52,142 and $62,142 if single or between $59,209 and $69,209 if married.  

    Pay $5 or $7 for covered prescriptions.
    The program may also pay your Medicare Par D monthly premium.
    For residents age 65+ with incomes up to $38,769 if single, $45,270 if married.*
    * These benefits are also available for certain adults with disabilities.

    Application Form:

    Senior Pass (For
    New Jersey's State Parks & Forests)
    free entrance to any state park, forest, recreation area, and historic site facilities that charge daily walk-in or parking fees, as well as a $2 per night discount on campsite fees (excluding group campsites).


    Senior Pass (For
    Federally managed recreation sites across the nation.)
       Getting your one time charge of $80 plus a $10 processing fee ( as of 2017), for your Senior Pass from the U.S. government when you turn 62 (or older) is a must-do because of how much money it can save you at over 2,000 federally managed recreation sites across the nation. 


    Services Provided At A Reasonable Price, Done Right, And Won't Rip You Off !!!
    have personally used these companies services. 
      Frank The Handyman  
    Frank did an extraordinary great job of cleaning up my backyard . It was full of leaves and twigs.
    He also did a great job of pressure washing.
    Great service and very prompt.

       Dr. Pepper's Flooring  
    600 Mule Rd Suite 4
    Toms River , NJ
    Lisa went way beyond in cleaning my mother's rugs.  They were a challenge, and they came out looking like new.
    Great service and very prompt.

       Precision Garage Doors  
    Serving central and southern NJ
    We used precision garage doors, and service was great, reasonable and prompt.
    they have a $15 off garage door repair coupon to print out to be used at the time of the service call.
    They also have coupons for garage doors and door openers.

    If your garage door won't close because of sensor troubles, hold down the remote button and it should close.

       Shade Shoppe  
    This company does it all, and brings samples to you home.
    Blinds Verticals, Faux Blinds, Cellular, Roller, Solar, Zebra Shades.
    Great service, neat, and prompt.
    Also I saved the best part for last, his prices are much  lower than Home Depo, Lowes, and other companies.

    Sewer and/or Water Discount
       Each town offer a Sewer and or Water discount for Senior / Disabled customers.
    You will have to call your town for more details.
    Below link is an example for Monville, NJ

    Silver Sneakers
       Silver sneakers is a program that allows to Enjoy unlimited access to 10,000+ locations, where you can use equipment and take fitness classes.

    If you have Medicare part A & B and a approved supplemental carrier then you can go to a gym completely FREE.
    In New Jersey, as of 1-17 Blue Cross is not a participating supplemental carrier.
    Participating supplemental carrier are: Eta, Armac, Clover, Humanna, United Health, and Wellcare.
    Call 1-888-423-4632 for more information.


    Sleeping Better
    If you nose gets clogged while sleeping, then you can help by raising the the bed frame under you head.

    It could help with snoring too.

    Using  a plastic bed riser kit from Walmart for under $11.00 will help immensely.

    Can I Collect Social Security Survivor Benefits When My Spouse
    or Ex-spouse Dies?
       You qualify for 
    survivor benefits on the work record of a late ex-husband or ex-wife if:
       The marriage lasted at least 10 years.
       You are at least 60 (at least 50 if you are disabled), or you are caring for a child from the previous marriage who is either under 16 or became disabled before turning 22 (in which case there is no age or length-of-marriage minimum).
       You are single or, if you have remarried, you did not do so until after you turned 60 (50 if disabled).

       As with widows and widowers, waiting until you reach the full retirement age (FRA) for survivors -- currently 66, gradually rising to 67 over the next several years -- entitles you to receive 100 percent of the amount your late ex was getting from Social Security when he or she died. (If the deceased never claimed benefits, you will get what he or she was eligible to receive.) Claiming survivor benefits before you reach full retirement age reduces the amount of your benefit, except as noted below.

       If you are caring for a child from the marriage who is under the age of 16 or is disabled, you will receive 75 percent of the deceased ex-spouse's benefit.

     If My Spouse Dies, Can I Collect Their Social Security Benefits?
       When a Social Security beneficiary dies, his or her surviving spouse is eligible for survivor benefits. A surviving spouse can collect 100 percent of the late spouse's benefit if the survivor has reached full retirement age.

    Social Security Disability
      Disability Planner: What Can Cause Benefits To Stop?
    Two things can cause us to decide that you are no longer disabled and to stop your benefits.

    Your disability benefits will stop if you work at a level we consider "substantial."

    In 2015, average earnings of $1,090 or more per month ($1,820 or more per month if you are blind) are usually considered substantial.

    Your disability benefits also will stop if we decide that your medical condition has improved to the point that you are no longer disabled.

    You are responsible for promptly reporting any improvement in your condition, if you return to work, and certain other events as long as you are receiving disability benefits. The booklet we send you when your application is approved explains what you need to report to us.


    Solar Panels
    If you are buying a house with existing solar panels or are contemplating putting new ones on you roof, then you must watch this youtube video.

    Tesla Solar (not a scam), and the Scam Solar Panel Business

    Stair Chair Lift 
     When you have a hard time going up and down stairs in your home.
    Companies offer reconditioned as well as reasonably cheap new stair chair lifts.
    Stair lift - Google Search
    Used Acorn Stair Lift 120 Battery Powered $1499.

    If you need a 3 position Lift Chair, look here.
    AmeriGlide 325M 3 Position Lift Chair
    lift chairs medicare - Google Search

    On new chairs, Medicare will pay for the mechanism, but not the chair.

    Statewide Benefits for Older Persons 
      This guide list many services.

    ----- T -----

    TSA Pre
       TSA Pre✓ 
    is an expedited security screening program connecting travelers departing from airports within the United States with smarter security and a better air travel experience.

       Passengers considered low-risk who qualify for the program can receive expedited screening either as a member of the program or another specific trusted traveler group.

       If you're eligible and approved for the TSA Pre✓ program you will be given a known traveler number "KTN" to use when making flight reservations. Participating airlines will print an indicator on your boarding pass. When you arrive at the airport, look for signs for the lanes.

    Screening for Passengers 75 and Older, you may leave on your shoes and light jacket during screening.

    ----- U -----

    Unclaimed Property & Money
       The Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) recovers and records abandoned or lost intangible and tangible property. The UPA's goal is to return this property to the rightful owner and/or heirs. The New Jersey Unclaimed Property Statute ensures that property owners never relinquish the right to this property and the UPA only acts as a custodian until the property is returned.
     Put you Personal or business name in and it will tell you if there is anything due you ! ! !

    Universal Service Fund
      Your eligible if your monthly income for 2024 is less than $3,676 for 1 person or $4,807 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members.   

       The State of New Jersey created the Universal Service Fund (USF) program to help make natural gas and electric bill more affordable for low-income households.  The goal of the USF program is to help ensure that income eligible New Jersey utility customers pay no more than 6% of their annual income for their natural gas and electric service combined.

       Households with income equal to or less than 175% of the Federal Poverty Level are income eligible.

       Q. How much money will I receive from USF? If you are found eligible for USF, you will receive a USF credit on your utility bill.. The amount of the credit is different for each eligible customer, depending on how much of your income you spend on energy. The USF benefit is designed to help you pay no more than the target amount of 3% on your natural gas bill alone and no more than the target amount of 3% on your electric bill alone (or, if you heat with electricity, no more than 6% of your income on electricity).  The USF credit is capped at $1,800 for both electric and gas combined.

       Please Note:  if you receive Food Stamps, your Food Stamp application is also your LIHEAP application and your USF application. Therefore, Food Stamp customers almost never need to complete the separate USF-LIHEAP application. 

    ----- W -----

    Walker & Cane Proper Adjustments

       When using a cane, you can properly adjust the height of the handgrip, by letting your arms hang down, and adjust the height of the hand grip, to be at your wrist.

       When using a walker adjust the handgrips a higher position of the walker. This will provide a better posture, reduce the tendency of leaning forward and tipping over, and the walker will be closer to your body.

      Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)  
      Your eligible if your yearly income for 2021 is less than $32,200 for 1 person or $43,550 for 2 people.  Income limits are higher for more family members. Income limits seem to vary all over the place.  

      Helps seniors, disabled residents and low income households weatherize their homes to improve heating system efficiency, conserve energy and decrease utility bills. The weatherization program can provide you with tools such as insulation, caulking, weather stripping and assistance to repair or replace windows, furnace/boiler, heat exchange or distributions systems. 

       The program also provides for a new refrigerator.

    Getting Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, Lift Chairs, And Wheelchair Cushions From Medicare.

    NOTE:  It is next to impossible to get a motorized wheel chair under Medicare, because doctors don't have a clue how to or don't want to fill out the VERY SIMPLE forms.  Even if they fill out the forms, they don't read the VERY - VERY - VERY SPECIFIC requirements specified in the forms. When you call a company that is authorized by the state to give you the motorized wheel chair, they tell you what the doctor wrote is not correct, specific enough or incomplete.

    If you need the motorized wheel chair, than you
    MUST find a doctor that, knows how to fill out the necessary forms properly, and has done so many times before, and that his or her patients have successfully received the chair FREE without any hassles by the chair vendor or the state.

    If not, you are wasting your time and money by going to a doctor that says they can fill out the paper work, when they can't or won't do it properly.

    We have been told by receptionists and nurses that supposedly asked the doctor if he or she can fill out the forms and have done so before, and they said yes. 
    When you get to the doctors office and take x-rays, a MRI, and pay for an office visit, and when you question the doctor he or she tells you that they no idea what your talking about. 

    We have been on this merry ground to many times, still unsuccessful in getting a chair that was desperately needed.

        You are entitled to a new power wheel chair or Scooter every 5 years.
        Medicare will only pay for your motorized scooter or wheelchair if you say it is needed and will only to be used in your home.

        You must get your chair from an approved competitive bidder in order for Medicare to cover the 80% of the scooter.
      & approved supplier directory search.  -

        If you have secondary coverage, it will pickup the balance of  20%, and your scooter or wheelchair should be FREE.
        If you don't have secondary insurance coverage, you can pay off the 20% balance in $41 payments.

             Beware !!!  
    Some companies that supply the wheel chair, want you to pay them first, and then its your problem to get the money from Medicare.

        Keep in mind that the equipment must be necessary for you in the home. You can get only one piece of equipment at a time to address your mobility problem.
        If you have received a manual wheel chair from Medicare, you will not be eligible for a motorized scooter or wheel chair, until that 5 year period is over.

    Special rules for getting power wheelchairs or scooters in nineteen states. (INCLUDES NEW JERSEY)

      The four part process for applying for the FREE Medicare scooter or wheelchair is made easier by a supplier near me.
    1. Courtesy of a supplier near me that supplied the literature to make getting your motorized scooter or wheelchair easier.
    2. Four part power wheel chair process.
    3. Instructions for the doctor.
    4. Form that the doctor fills out.
    5. This is the chair that this supplier provides. - Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller.
       Heaviest piece is 29 pounds and easily disassembles into 5 super lightweight pieces.

       Assistance for Veterans
    The Veteran's Administration is somewhat more generous than Medicare when it comes to stair lifts or stair glides as they are referred to by the VA.  Wheelchair bound veterans and those who cannot otherwise manage the stairs in their homes as a result of a service connected disability can have stair lifts paid for by VA health care.  A home visit and a skills evaluation are both necessary prior to authorization.

       Need more information ?

    Picking The Correct Wheel Chair
    Transport chairs make it easier for your loved ones and caregivers to help you get around in comfort and ease. Compared to standard wheelchairs, a transport chair requires a caregiver to push the chair. A transport chair is much lighter than a wheelchair; plus, it is more compact which makes getting around town easier.
    This chair comes equipped with loop-lock handbrakes that are easy to operate and ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfers. It also has a seatbelt which keeps the passenger securely in place and it is compact when folded, making it easy to lift into a car or carry up the stairs. Weighs just 23.5 pounds and is equipped with a seat belt, comfortable nylon upholstery, full length permanent armrest, and detachable footrests

    This chair sells for about $155.00 and is not covered by Medicare.  This model does not allow legs to be raised.
    Because of the weight and size, it is a dream to move and fit in a small car, unlike a regular size wheel chair.

    Statewide Benefits For Older Persons
    If you didn't find what your looking for on this webpage, then look at this 85 page file from the State of NJ.

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